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Latin American Applicants to Advanced Training Programs in Dentistry

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Sample 1st Paragraph, CAAPID Application Personal Statement, Dentist from Mexico

28 years old, a young woman and a dentist from Mexico; I have been working towards building a career in dentistry in California for the past 3 years. A registered Dental Assistant since October of 2011, I have also earned certificates in Coronal Polishing, Pit and Fissure Sealants, and Radiation and Safety Techniques. I hope to be admitted to a DDS or DMD program for international dentists not only on the basis of my experience but also on my high level of motivation for the cause of Dental Educational Campaigns for the Hispanic community. I think my greatest strength as a woman and a dentist is my compassion, sincere and profound empathy for those who suffer, and my ability to relate to the difficulties faced by many if not most recent immigrants to the United States from Mexico, challenges that often result in their neglecting their own oral health and that of their children. As a Mexican woman and a Mexican dentist, educated first in Mexico, I feel that I will have privileged access to the underserved, quickly earning their confidence, which is so basic for oral health care to be effective.

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Sample 1st Paragraph, DDS Personal Statement for International Dentist from VenezuelaA very dedicated dentist from Venezuela and a hard working student and professional, I hope to be accepted to your competitive DDS program for international dentists primarily on the basis of my high ideals and my plans for the future after completing your program, most of all, being of assistance to the underserved. I firmly believe that dental care, like adequate nutrition, should be recognized by society as a human right, by civil society if not by the government. Thus, the center of my world here in the USA, practicing dentistry after completing your program, will be my preferential service to the undocumented members of our community who are in greatest need of assistance, most from Spanish-speaking Latin America. Later on in my career, I hope to put what I learn in your DDS program to work in my country of origin as well, contributing to the progress of dentistry for the underserved in Venezuela.