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Sample 1st Paragraphs: Orthodontics Advanced Training

No one I know gets more job satisfaction than I do. A dentist makes an often immediate and sometimes dramatic difference in people’s lives and I love doing so. I genuinely delight in turning agonized groans into sighs of relief or in saving teeth and the smile that goes with them.  However, while all my work has been useful and satisfying to a degree, the orthodontic work that I have undertaken is by far the most satisfying because of the profound difference that it often makes to patient’s self-esteem and thus their prospects in life.  My ambition now is to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge to enable me to become an expert and specialist orthodontist.

orthodontics personal statement examples

I hope to be selected to your competitive residency program in Orthodontics on the basis of the fact that I already hold a Master’s Degree in Orthondontics from my native India coupled with the fact that I am also nearing completion of my MHA Degree here in America. Thus, after completing your program, I will be in a unique position in the future to advance the cause of access to Orthodontic care in India as well as America, with orthodontic care ultimately benefiting in each country from the unique advancements made in the other.

self esteem orthodontics personal statement
orthodontics india personal statement

I became a dentist in order to make a beneficial difference in the lives of my patients. Since the earliest days of my training, it was clear to me that Orthodontics is a specialty characterized by especially vast opportunity to make sustainable improvements in the lives of others. Enhancing appearance and social confidence in patients is itself a truly life-enhancing event. For this reason, I seek to acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to enable me to practice, teach and engage in research in Orthodontics.

I am aware that particular skills and characteristics are called for in this specialty, such as highly developed critical thinking, planning skills and an awareness of the need for cross disciplinary co-operation as well as an ability to communicate technical and complex matters in simple language to patients and their families. I look forward to listening with great care and genuine empathy to the concerns of my patients as an orthodontist. I am confident that I have these characteristics and skills and the enthusiasm and potential to develop them within the residency program and beyond.

orthodontist residency personal statement
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