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Pediatric Dentistry Personal Statement, Residency, Fellowship, Master's, Certificate

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Residency Personal Statement, Pediatric Dentistry

I hope to be accepted to your distinguished Masters and Residency Program in Pediatric Dentistry next year, 2018, so that I might have the opportunity to give my all to the practice of dentistry with the little ones, the dental specialty that I feel as if I have been preparing for a lifetime. Proud to be a member of the Dental School class of 2018, graduating next year from the University of XXXX, I am anxious to get started putting to good use what I have been learning, especially about Pediatric Dentistry.

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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Sample Introductory Paragraph

My parents brought me to America from Egypt when I was only 2 years old and I grew up on America’s East Coast. I look forward, therefore, to contributing to the diversity of your dental residency program as an Egyptian and I hope to be useful, at least upon occasion, in the treatment of Arab-speaking children. I want very much to cultivate a multidisciplinary specialization in the area of childhood craniofacial disorders and for this reason I am particularly excited by the prospect of learning everything that I can about pediatric neurology and neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery, and pediatric medical genetics.

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