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Afghan-American Woman Dentist in New York City, Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement Sample

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

A dentist and US citizen born, raised, and educated in New York, I look forward to contributing to the celebration of diversity in your Orthodontics program as an Afghan woman since my parents came to America from Afghanistan, and I am active in the Afghan-American community. There are few female dentists from or in Afghanistan, perhaps especially true concerning Orthodontics. Thus, I very much look forward to serving as a role model for new generations of Afghan women here in America and doing what I can, within time, to help with the advancement of Orthodontics and general dentistry for underserved areas or marginalized populations.

Nothing excites me more than planning a long and distinguished career in Orthodontics, improving chewing and function, and empowering individuals with a feeling of self-confidence reflected by and conveyed through their broad, uninhibited smiles. I love the planning accompanying orthodontic treatment and the organization required to optimize treatment spanning several years. I seek the most profound and extensive immersion experience possible in your program. Enhancing my appreciation for esthetic concerns, I go much more profound and carefully study and contribute to our success at correcting the consequences of craniofacial deformities. I keenly look forward to contributing to research in this area and staying busy professionally and as a volunteer for those patients suffering from cleft lip and palate.

I look forward to maintaining close ties with the academic world throughout my career, entirely dedicated to lifelong education. I would like to have the profound privilege of teaching Orthodontics at some point in my career. I plan to eat, sleep, and breathe in Orthodontics for several decades. I hope to eventually give my all to a multi-specialty practice where I would be able to tackle complex craniofacial deformities, working alongside teams of oral surgeons and pediatric dentists.

I finished dental school in 2017 and have gone on to a GPR at XXXX Hospital - from 2017-to 2018. My experience thus far includes experience with medically complex and pediatric patients. The three weeks I spent immersed in Orthodontics at XXXX, mostly placing brackets and bands, was the high point of my professional life so far, and sitting in on multiple cleft lip and palate conferences. At XXXU, during the treatment planning stage, space restriction/crowding presented significant challenges for achieving optimal esthetics, helping me more fully appreciate how Orthodontics is key to the esthetics of smile design. Invisalign certified, I am currently employed by two private dental offices on Long Island.

I date my passion for Orthodontics back to high school when I had my Orthodontic treatment. The second oldest of 5 children, I have long served as a role model to my siblings, and my parents and brothers and sisters became accustomed to turning to me for help as I was growing up. I am well organized and an extremely hard worker. Always with a ‘can-do' attitude, I get things done. Very family-oriented, I place a high priority on building and maintaining solid relationships. I like to solve puzzles, and I love a challenge. My parents always wanted me to be a medical doctor. Still, they recognized the exceptional talent in my hands early on and have fully supported my giving my all to dentistry. I am a woman who has always adored fashion, makeup, cosmetics, and beauty; thus, turning my attention to the esthetic side of dentistry is a natural choice and the fulfillment of a lifelong calling.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in Orthodontics.

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