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Anti-tobacco India, International Dentist Application, Focus on Oral Medicine and OMFS

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My interest in dentistry was fired up when I was 16, and a family friend was diagnosed with oral cancer, surviving only after the mandible on one side was surgically removed. Through this sad event, I became aware of the significant challenges surrounding providing dental and oral care in India and the tragic effects of tobacco and alcohol consumption. I decided to become part of the solution and went on to earn the highest marks in my state and become a recipient of the Colgate-Indian Dental Association Scholarship. I am now most enjoying a fellowship in Oral Implantology and regard the ‘sky as the limit’ in my career. I am especially pleased to be published in four journals so far.

After my primary dental education (B.D.S.), I pursued my master’s degree (M.D.S.) in Oral Medicine and Radiology. During this period, I had the opportunity to attend lectures by eminent dentists and academics from the USA, such as Dr. XXXX, Dr. XXXX, and others. After interacting with them, I became fascinated by their work and learned how the USA offers dental education; its curriculum, state-of-the-art technologies, prospects for a dentist, and vast research opportunities. Such encounters triggered a desire to further my dental education in the USA.

While practicing as an Associate Dentist in India from May 2014 for about three years, I took up a post as a Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial at the XXXX Institute of Dental Sciences and worked in this capacity until January 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed passing on my skills and knowledge to students and received highly positive feedback from students and staff. Throughout my career in India, I organized many oral screening camps and motivational talks to raise oral health awareness. I know that oral and dental health education is of enormous importance in enhancing general health, especially in India and among underprivileged communities in the US and worldwide. I intend to assist in such projects throughout my career.

Since moving to the US in June last year, I have sought to acquire as much exposure to the local dental environment as possible. I worked as a Dental Assistant while studying for the National Board Exams. This has allowed me to see how the latest technologies are applied, observe the work of several dentists, appreciate their various clinical styles, and compare treatment plans. I am also a volunteer at the American Red Cross and Chicago Cares. This experience has exposed me to the diversity of local communities and has enabled me to help those less fortunate in life than I have been. I am now aware of the oral health awareness, myths, cultural taboos, and oral diseases prevalent in our American communities.

I am assisting Dr. XXXX as a Research Volunteer at the Midwestern Dental College. I help by collecting samples, preparing culture media, administering electronic questionnaires, and preparing manuscripts for research articles. I am particularly interested in researching dental implants and tissue engineering. I am aware of the protocol of research studies here in the USA and the various ethical aspects involved. Once qualified to practice in the US, I hope to pursue a Master’s in Implant Surgery, as this discipline is the new dimension of replacing missing teeth while maintaining the alveolar bone's dynamics. My ultimate goal is to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience to equip me to become a world-class practitioner and to give back to society in whatever way I can.

An experienced dentist with significant clinical, teaching, and research experience. I have enjoyed a highly successful clinical and academic career and have clear goals for my future in my chosen specialty. I am always willing to learn, and I also like to share the knowledge gained from my previous dental experiences with my colleagues. I am continuously looking for ways to self-improve. The more I grow, the more I realize how much I have still to learn. I believe that my background will enable me to add value to the program in which I intend to participate with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm.

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