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Argentine Applicant: Residency Orthodontics, Spanish-Speaking Community

Updated: Mar 24

Now finishing up dental school in south Florida, I hope to move forward immediately with my chosen specialty, Orthodontics, by being accepted to a residency program in this area. While I was born and raised in Miami, both of my parents are Argentine and Spanish is their first language, which they passed on to me. I could not be more pleased to be a native speaker of this language because of the opportunities that it will afford me to contribute to efforts to help the underserved in the Spanish-speaking community of south Florida. My great love for diversity was further enhanced by my experience studying abroad as an undergraduate student, spending 6 months in Milan, Italy.

I want to practice in south Florida because that’s where my friends and family are from and this leaves me highly motivated to give back to my local community. I have already spent a lot of time investigating progress that has already been made in south Florida and other places at providing low cost Orthodontic care to low-income families and I hope to distinguish myself in this regard in South Florida in the future, particularly with respect to our large and growing population of primarily Spanish speakers.

One of the things that I most appreciate about Orthodontics is the delayed gratification involved in incremental improvement, from beginning to end of the treatment process. I enjoy the cultivation of patience and discipline that is required. I attribute my discipline early on to my devotion to sports since I have always played to win from soccer to water polo and flag football. I have also always paid rigorous attention to my diet and physical conditioning; and I still give my full measure to the game.

Becoming an Orthodontist also represents the fulfillment of a childhood curiosity about my own Ortho procedures beginning at the age of 8. I was hungry to see and understand what was happening to me, inciting a burning curiosity about Orthodontics that has mushroomed ever since. I had a massive diastema and severely protruded maxillary teeth which resulted in my having to wear headgear for two years. Although many people laughed at me or felt sorry for me, I saw it as something positive, and I relished the reconstruction of my craniofacial anatomy.

The entire process required 8 years, from 8 to 16. When it was complete, I was happier than most people at 16 and I had direction, great passion, and the keenest desire possible to master craniofacial anatomy. This kind of transformation is one that follows you for the rest of your life, coloring in profound ways everything that is to follow. It provides me with mission, a mission directed towards children around 8 years old, those who are now as I once was.

I keenly look forward to many decades of service on the cutting edge of Orthodontics, helping to push boundaries in a variety of areas, from technological advancement to greater inclusivity along racial, class, and linguistic lines. At some point, I look forward to opening my own practice where, to the extent to which it is possible, I hope to devote myself to helping underserved populations in my community. I also hope to serve as an inspiring role model as a sponsor of local youth groups.

I could not be more committed to the cause of access to dental care for all members of our community and I have shown great commitment to dentistry in general, going out of my way to attend seminars with distinguished faculty. This dedication is evident in the fact that I was selected to participate in our competitive Orthodontic Honors Program in my dental school, because of the excellence of my work in this area and my potential to contribute to Orthodontics in the future.

With respect to research, I am especially fascinated by the adjunctive use of orthodontics alongside general dentistry. I generally find myself reading widely in the areas of pre-prosthetic orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, even in my free time.

I thank you for considering my application.

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