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ADEA CAAPID Application Personal Statement Editing, Indian Dentist Sample

Updated: Mar 19

A dentist from India, I have been making a new life for myself in America since 2013. Since March of last year, 2014, I have been working as a Registered Dental Assistant at XXXX, a clinic near where I live in Houston, Texas. I have fallen totally in love with the practice of dentistry in America. It brings me such joy that I am anxious to get to the clinic early each day to begin. I have learned a great deal about some of the most advanced procedures in our clinic that will help me to excel in your DDS Program and empower me towards a long career, giving my all to my patients and increasingly making my personal contribution to the underserved, first in the USA and later in my native India which is in such great need.

My duties at XXXX include maintaining accurate and timely records of test results and applying standard quality control procedures to assure their accuracy, regulating sterilization and asepsis protocols, managing and ordering materials, and keeping records for state inspection and various laboratory works. I especially enjoy operating, calibrating and perform routine maintenance on specialized equipment. I maintain our supply inventory, organize files and records, and prepare solutions and stains for prescribed tests and I also greet patients, set up the operatory, take and develop radiographs, and assisting the dentist with a broad variety of treatment procedures. In addition to my full-time position as a Dental Assistant, since May of 2015 I have also been working as a research technician at the XXXX Center for Biomaterials and Biomimetics, part of the UXX School of Dentistry complex. This has also enabled me to learn about important aspects of dentistry that will be useful for the long term, especially back in India, which confronts major challenges in the area of waste disposal.

Very much in love with America, I am seriously considering joining the US Army as a practicing dentist after completing my DDS or DMD program, for at least several years, allowing me to give something back to my newly adopted country that has taken me in. I also see this as excellent preparation for a lifetime of professional service to my community at the local level here in America. Serving in the military would allow me to care for the oral health needs of a critical sector of our population, those giving their lives for our country; I cannot think of anyone more deserving of dental care. In addition, the US Army is disproportionately ethnic-minority men and women, African-American, Latino, Asian, African, etc., and it would be a special privilege to gain additional experience with such a vast diversity of patients. Finally, dentistry in the US Army is very high tech, using the latest in equipment and procedures, helping me to continue to advance and stay at the forefront of rapid developments in dentistry and continue to broaden my professional horizons. My long term plan is to practice as an academic dentist. This will allow me to advance my research skills and always stay completely up to date with the very latest developments in Dentistry.

I take great pride in the fact that I have always stepped forward to serve my community and took an active if not leadership role in numerous dental camps while in dental school. Since my arrival in America I have also been working very hard as a volunteer for a number of good causes related to oral health. I continue to strengthen my leadership and communication skills – ever more adept at fostering teamwork among my colleagues. My professional experience as a dental assistant and a research technician at the Biomaterials Laboratory have helped me to fully acclimate to America; now I am convinced that I am ready to hit the ground running in your DDS/DMD program.

By regularly attending and participating in conferences and seminars in a variety of dental areas, I have consistently labored to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in dental research and technology. I have groomed and disciplined myself to be pragmatic as well as caring, making a very conscious effort to constantly enhance my capacity for self-criticism and improvement with a very strong determination to succeed in dentistry in the USA.

I am especially interested in research related to the optical properties of dental materials. My other areas of special engagement with the literature are oral cancer and periodontitis. My volunteer work here in Houston also stands at the center of my world. In addition to serving as a Dental Assistant at events organized by the XXXX Medical Center, for the past 16 months I have also been volunteering at the Cardiac Care Unit of a local medical center. I never miss an AIDS Walk, an Oral Cancer Awareness Walk, or fail to participate in a Give Kids a Smile event at the UXX School of Dentistry.

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