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Immigrant Applicant Dental School Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 7

I came to Los Angeles from my native China 7 years ago, in 2010. It was a struggle to bring my language ability up to the point where I could excel in college; however, I met the challenge through perseverance and determination. I am highly qualified to be accepted to dental school for several reasons. I want to devote much of my life to educating underserved communities about the importance of dental hygiene. I also keenly look forward to a lifetime of dental materials, toxicity, and sensitivity research, especially pediatric. I look forward to practicing dentistry primarily with Chinese people because, with speakers of the Chinese language, I have something unique to offer them, the comfort and tranquility of being cared for in their native tongue, especially when they are nervous or anxious, and particularly in the case of children.

I was in my third year of medical school in China when I came to America at age 21; this academic preparation will help me excel in dental school and beyond. I have played a variety of musical instruments since the age of six. I continue to do so regularly, which has helped me develop manual and eye-to-hand coordination, a gift in dentistry. Finally, as a Chinese woman, particularly someone from the Developing World, I appreciate how dentistry is among the most global professions. As a native speaker of Cantonese as well as Mandarin and fully fluent in English, I am convinced that these language skills will be helpful in a lifetime of dental practice dedicated primarily to members of the Chinese American community, Cantonese as well as Mandarin speakers, recent immigrants, and undocumented residents, especially the underserved.

I earned my BS in Biochemistry at XXXX. Since then, I have been working hard to prepare for dental school. I took a dental waxing class at night at XXXX and related science courses. I am especially interested in the chemical degradation of composite restorative materials used in dental practice. Nothing excites me more than the quest for less toxic material, especially suitable for sensitive patients and children. Since February 2016, I have worked as a Laboratory Manager at XXXX Medical School, Biomedical Research Building, XXXX Lab. Previously, I was a laboratory assistant.

So far, the highest moments of my life in America have been shadowing a pediatric dentist. I am a single mother of a beautiful little girl who is now three years old. Even before becoming a mother, I fantasized about Pediatric Dentistry. Since I have been with my little girl, my high degree of motivation in this area has grown constantly. If allowed to prove myself in your program, I anticipate it would not be long before I seek additional training in Pediatric Dentistry.

I have been serving alongside Dr. XXXX since February 2017 at XXXX Dental Office in Brentwood, CA, where I have the privilege of greeting and preparing patients for dental examinations, observing, and learning about dental procedures, etc. Previously, I served as a Shadow Intern at the XXXX Dental Office. I also worked as a medical assistant at Dr. XXXX’s Internal Medicine Clinic, greeting and preparing patients for health examinations. I have passion in my soul, compassion in my heart, and talent in my hands. I adore research, a persistent hard worker; I am proud that I became a full-time principal investigator before graduating from college.

For years, I participated in several volunteering efforts in impoverished areas of China, teaching children; and I also worked hard to raise funds to purchase books for them and other school supplies. I wrote about my experience because it moved me, and an Excellent Achievement Award rewarded my efforts. As a dentist, I want to serve the underprivileged and marginalized primarily, and the Chinese American community has a great deal of need. I have been dismayed to experience how many Asian immigrants have deplorable dental hygiene resulting from a general lack of awareness and financial resources. I keenly look forward to helping.

Thank you.

Immigrant Applicant Dental School Personal Statement


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