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Updated: Aug 20

To Whom It May Concern:

It brings me great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Dr. XXXX’s application to your advanced standing program for international dentists. As a practicing dentist and a clinical assistant professor at the XXXX School of Dentistry at the University of XXXX (UXX), I have known Dr. XXXX for ten years and worked alongside him for more than four years when I did my postdoctoral training at UXX (2008-2012). He is an open-minded, dependable, hard-working and self-motivated dentist with extremely impressive critical thinking skills. He communicates effectively with others and is always ready to assist them without hesitation. A warm-hearted and extremely dedicated person, XXXX has earned a great deal of respect from everyone with whom he works and studies. He contributes insightful ideas for dealing with difficult problems and enormous professionalism under stressful situations. He has contributed significantly to the advancement of scientific projects and has published eleven research articles, of which he was the first author of five. He presented his work at multiple international meetings and received excellent feedback. He won the "Innovative Scientific Achievement Award" in 2015 and was promoted to Research Assistant Professor at UXX in 2017.

Dr. XXXX has known for some time that he wants to closely integrate his career in dentistry with dental research and education. He has been volunteering on weekends as a dental assistant in the dental clinic that I run along with my husband, since May of 2017; and we have all be able to learn a great deal from each other. My husband and I very much respect his noble ideas and passion for helping the underserved.

Quite frankly, Dr. XXXX is the best dental assistant I have ever worked with, in terms of his clinical techniques and great personality. I am quite impressed with his high level of dexterity and extensive knowledge about a variety of dental diseases and techniques. He is a very organized person and learns new techniques with great ease. I very much admire his comprehensive step-by-step treatment plans and the solutions that he designs for complex cases. XXXX has excellent multitasking abilities, often helping chairside and managing the front office at the same time and he treats patients with a caring heart, creating a friendly atmosphere.

I firmly believe that Dr. XXXX will make a positive difference in what we do every day in patient care, dental education and research. I have every confidence that he will prove to be an exemplary student in your program and a highly successful dentist after its completion, making important contributions to research in dentistry as well as practice. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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