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Updated: Nov 18

The DMSc Doctorate Program at XXXX University is my first choice for continued study in my field, Dentistry. I crave the rigors and competitive nature of your distinguished program at XXXX and look forward to one of the finest library collections in the world and your especially advanced sport facilities. I love the fact that your student body is so very international with such a vast diversity of student groups and extracurricular activities offered. In particular, I very much admire how the XXXX Institute serves as a training ground for thousands of researchers from around the world 

A Saudi Arabian woman dentist originally from Makkah, I have made Jeddah my permanent home and I hope to practice, teach, and do research for the balance of my professional life here in Jeddah, the most beautiful and international of Saudi cities, where our pioneers operate on the cutting edge of Saudi accomplishment, in dentistry as well as in other fields. This is why I need to earn the doctorate degree in my field from a prestigious institution in the West so as to become a leader in my profession, and a role model to others.

I have always been an exceptional student, excelling at Reading, English, and especially Handcrafts – the talent in my hands led me to dentistry. In 2009, I was awarded a full scholarship from Effat University to earn my Degree in Dentistry with honors. I have spent lengthy vacations in the Philippines, Egypt, the UAE, and Turkey, and I have studied and compared advances being made in dentistry – as well as the enormous challenges faced in these countries to provide adequate oral health care, especially for the underserved, refugees, etc.

I am applying to XXXX’s DMSc Program because I want to become a first-class and highly international academic. Being a teacher is my most enduring and central dream in life. I want to receive my post-graduate training abroad so as to receive the best and most international education possible, so that I will be a first rate teacher imparting knowledge and passing on the torch to generations to come. In addition to teaching, I also look forward to progressively assuming management responsibilities, serving on boards, as my career progresses, especially with respect to the formation of academic strategy.

Still only 27 years old, I am a Saudi woman dentist who could not be more passionate about dentistry, especially Endodontics and Periodontology, both of which I look forward to teaching here in the KSA as well as practicing in this area for many decades to come, honoring my profession through constant labor and research to advance our level of patient care in my country.

I seek to practice on the cutting edge of my field and to become a model for others to follow in the Middle East through my mastery of surgical procedures associated with all facets of Dentistry. Being accepted to and completing the DMSc Program at XXXX will provide me with the professional foundation that I need in order to teach a variety of subjects in dentistry in Saudi Arabia, to interns and new residents. Together, we will be able to make major improvements in Saudi oral health care structures and practice for many years to come.

I look forward to a long and productive future to which I give my all as a widely recognized and highly respected consultant in the KSA, especially in Periodontics and Endodontics - on the cutting edge of my field. In particular, I look forward to filling leadership roles in dentistry in the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital where I currently serve and to which I plan to return upon completing your program.

After completing the DMSc Program at XXXX, I will be especially qualified to contribute to research concerning the challenges that we face in dentistry in the KSA, thoroughly prepared with a broad diversity of visions and opinions in dentistry. I especially look forward to improving our Endodontics curriculum, emphasizing, in particular, the importance of the use of rubber dams at an early stage of dental training (pre-clinical). I also plan to lobby for increasingly low faculty to student ratios so as to better teach technique-sensitive skills.

I never give up and never stop trying, always learning from my mistakes. I have already attended several conferences and look forward to always continuing to do so as I see this as en especially important part of our profession - association. I especially love helping to organize conferences as I did last year for the 4th International Continuing Education Committee at the XXXX University Faculty of Dentistry. I was responsible for the Endodontics Workshop which was a wonderful experience for me, learning how to deal with such a broad variety of participants.

I volunteered to help several organizational initiatives in dentistry while I was a student since I also see volunteer work as an integral part of our professional experience.

I thank you for considering my application.

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