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Endodontics Advanced Specialty Certificate

Advanced Training in Endodontics Personal Statement Examples
Endodontics Advanced Specialty Certificate Personal Statement

A woman dentist from Iran, I am currently working extremely hard towards the completion of my DDS Degree at UXX, as a student in the ASPID Program. After finishing my studies at UXX, I hope to earn an Endodontics Advanced Specialty Certificate. This is the area of dentistry to which I plan to give the balance of my professional life because of my attraction to the sheer challenge and potential of Endo. I fell in love with Endo as a dental student in Iran. This is why, when I graduated and began practicing dentistry in Iran before coming to the USA (2010-2013), I not only served full time as a dentist in a general hospital in Tehran, but also served in an Endodontic clinic, helping to manage a high volume of endodontic patients with varying types of complex dental disease.

I came to America to seek additional hands-on training in dentistry as it is practiced on its most advanced level and have been learning a great deal not only as a student at UXX’s Dental School, but also because of my service as a volunteer and Teaching Assistant for the Orofacial Pain Clinic at USC. I have had the opportunity to become part of the state-of-the-art practice of dentistry here in the US – which, of course, is much more advanced than the way that it is practiced in Iran.  I find this to be particularly true with respect to restorative care and patient management. Most of all, it is a question of technological advancement and mastery that is so much more well developed here in America, and I could not be happier learning to practice my profession at this more advanced level. My own technological skills have been advancing greatly because of my time at UXX, everything from the Microscope through CAD CAM and COME BEAM CT.

Advanced Training in Endodontics Personal Statement Help
Endodontics Advanced Specialty Certificate

Now that I will soon be finishing dental school at UXX, I am gearing up for advancement as an Endodontist. Nothing provides me with as much satisfaction as digging down to the pulp matter. My foremost mentors have been encouraging me to follow my heart and give my all to Endo as well. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Drs. Burdan and Levy, in particular. I will never forget our first endo lab session with Dr Burdan - showing us how to use the microscope with the utmost efficiency, checking our work. Quickly, I learned and was amazed by how much we missed as dental students in Iran with respect to root canal therapy. My eyes were opened, and I simply fell in love with Endo – so much to see and discover.

Most people, especially in LA from my perspective, tend to think about their teeth as what they see and cleaning and whitening as cosmetic procedures for a healthy-looking, bright smile to show the world. I am mesmerized by the inner sanctums of the teeth. I like Endodontics because it enables me to specialize in saving teeth and diagnosing tooth pain, in addition to performing root canals therapy. I am troubled to see a lot of marketing initiatives about dental implants that contain misinformation about root canals and root canal retreatments. There is nothing as good as a natural tooth. Dental implants are a wonderful way to replace a missing tooth, but nothing is as good as a natural tooth, and saving the natural tooth is much more cost effective than replacing it with an implant. What I like so very much about Endodontics is that I get to help reduce the patient’s pain and discomfort and I deeply admire the way that Endodontic treatment can now be performed with, indeed, no pain at all.

Advanced Training in Endodontics Personal Statement Samples
Endodontics Advanced Specialty Certificate Personal Statement Samples

I find myself drawn to the mysteries surrounding the etiology of pain, the extent to which it is or is not odontogenic. Thus, I seek a full immersion in Endodontic diagnostics, the ways in which Malocclusion, sinusitis, bruxism, periodontal disease, and a plethora of diagnoses can present as pulpal disease and the endodontist has the task of determining the true origin. I have continually pushed myself to take on complex cases and this has helped to boost my confidence to work with all types of patients.

I look forward to building enduring relationships with my patients. I appreciate how patients in acute pain need immediate treatment, reassurance, and drug management. This requires knowledge, clinical skills, and compassion on the part of the endodontist, and I seek to excel for a lifetime in all these areas. My passion for saving the natural tooth and reducing pain has led me on a path to pursue Endodontics.

It would be a great honor for me to become a member of your team and complete your state-of-the-art program in Endodontics so that I can go on to pursue leadership roles in our field and make my maximum contribution to the advancement of preventive as well as curative measures.  I look forward to someday having my own endodontic private practice where I will increasingly be able to focus on helping the underserved members of our community who suffer, those most in need of my help.

Thank you for considering my application.

Iranian Applicant Personal Statement Sample Advanced Training in Endodontics


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