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Endodontics Residency, Saudi

Updated: Feb 6

____ is my first choice among residency programs in Endodontics, and I will most definitely attend if selected because of the sheer excellence as well as the reputation. As an active researcher, I could learn the most at Harvard, the most distinguished research center in the world in Endodontics, and from my peers, such a diverse selection of the finest students from all over the world. I have done extensive research concerning the program at ____, and the more I learn, the more I want to attend. I follow Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh religiously on Youtube, the founder of the Real World Endo channel, where I have particularly enjoyed the feedback of residents and students.

I graduated from Dental School in my native Saudi Arabia on the Dean’s List, and have continued to apply myself with utmost diligence since that time, learning all I can, especially about Endodontics. I now hope very much to be selected for a clinical residency program in Endodontics in the USA, where I will be able to bring my abilities up to the cutting edge, learning from some of the foremost masters of the art and science of Endodontics in the world, in the country that is the most advanced in techniques, materials, and use of technology in Endodontics, the USA.

My unswerving diligence and dedication to Endodontics resulted in my being one of the very few graduates from dental school whose application to join the Saudi Board of Endodontics was accepted immediately after completing my internship, something which is very rare. I love traveling and studying, and I have served as a dentist across three different regions of my country, attending courses and professional meetings across 5 regions of Saudi Arabia plus two other countries. The hospital where I now serve is considered to be one of the best in the kingdom, high tech, high budget, and optimal care.

Excelling in my studies and extracurricular activities in high school and college, I organized many events and activities, especially during my last two years in college when I served as President of the Students’ Club. After dental school, I completed a full year of internship, where I learned to identify my limitations and work to improve them. I spent most of my time reading about Endodontics and learning from consultants, specialists, and residents serving in various clinical training centers. More recently, I have taken advantage of a world largely closed due to COVID-19 to read even more voraciously than before the pandemic, live web seminars, gleefully giving myself over to my research projects, taking advantage of the pandemic. I have now completed several endodontic courses and have even purchased my equipment to facilitate my advance.

Currently serving as a resident in one of the biggest and finest hospitals in The Kingdom, Prince Sultan Medical Military City, I am gaining experience with trauma cases, which I find particularly satisfying, along with perforation repairs and regenerative procedures. Endodontics will always be the center of my world. Completing your residency program will prepare me to make my maximum contribution to the advancement of Endodontics as a profession in Saudi Arabia. I have already assisted with publishing several journal articles, and I am proud to be listed as coauthor of several chapters in recent books. I am currently working towards publication as coauthor of several other papers, case reports, and retrospective studies of variations in root canal anatomy in Saudi Arabia.

There will be other applicants with letters of recommendation from more prestigious professors and institutions. The dental college from which I graduated is a smaller college, not one of the larger and more famous dental schools in the Kingdom. In fact, none of my professors had been trained in the USA (the gold standard). Upon completion of a residency program in Endodontics in America, I hope to return to my alma mater which I love dearly, to teach Endodontics as a US-trained professor, returning to the academic community that gave me a wonderful start and I have come to think of as my own. In fact, I hope to distinguish myself for excellence among my colleagues as a ____-trained Endodontist, in practice, research, and teaching.

I can see no more noble path to follow, especially insofar as advanced training will enable me to make my maximum contribution to the underserved, who rarely receive endodontic treatment in my country.

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