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Focus on Prosthodontics, Indian International Dentist Earnng MPH Degree with Experience in Africa

Updated: Mar 19

I realize that there are many Indian dentists applying for DDS Degree International Dentist Programs in the USA. Many, like myself, have significant experience practicing dentistry in India before immigrating to America. Most, I assume, have also struggled to prepare themselves to be selected to your program by engaging with dentistry here in the USA to the extent to which they have had the opportunity to do so - as I have done. In my case, however, I hope to be selected also on the basis of the fact that I have extensive experience in Africa that has been fundamental to the development of my professional identity and my quest to help the underserved. I spent 2 of my most formative years in Tanzania which left an indelible impression on my sense of professional identity as a dentist. I dream of returning to Africa after earning my DDS Degree and engaging professionally with Tanzania, in particular, and Africa generally speaking. This is an integral part of my personal professional vision, helping the underserved in some of the most underdeveloped parts of the Global South.

Because of my recent and extensive clinical experience in dentistry, I am convinced that I will be able to hit the ground running in your program. Most recently, I have participated in several clinical research projects at the University of North Texas Health Science Center where I have also recently earned the MPH Degree. My records demonstrate that I am hardworking, dedicated, focused, amiable, and an especially good team player. If selected for your DDS/DMD Program, I will give 100% to honor the mission. I lived in Tanzania for 2 years as an adolescent accompanying my father who was serving as a physician. When I was not in school, I often accompanied him on his rounds. This experience shaped my life that would follow, both in terms of my love for health care as well as my love for Africa where there is a great shortage of dental professionals.

I keenly look forward to participation in the development of preventive treatments including sealant application, temporary restoration of teeth using GIC cement, extractions, and hand scaling. I pay close attention to ways in which multiple treatments can take place on the same day, collaborating with other dental professionals to expedite treatment plans for the large groups of patients who come to dental camps in Africa when they are available. I hope to spend a big chunk of my time in the future visiting school and community centers in Africa, educating all age groups concerning the health of the oral cavity, bringing teeth models and teaching brushing techniques. My concern with the underserved is also not limited to Africa. I have been impressed by the great needs that exist closer to home as a participant in free dental camps here in the US, noting how low-income people drove many hundreds of miles for the treatment.

While poverty is widespread in our native India, as I accompanied my father to medical check-up camps, I saw a vast difference between people in Tanzania vs. those in India. The illiteracy rate was much higher in Tanzania and people were even less aware of the issues and even less able to afford treatment. I closely observed dentists who worked alongside my doctor father and could not have been more impressed with their heroic achievements against all odds. It was here where I first felt my calling to dentistry.

I look forward to several additional years of full time practice of general dentistry after earning my DDS/DMD, after which I plan to develop a specialization in Prosthodontics. I look forward to playing a part in fostering preventive care and engaging in innovative research for caries management that would positively affect various populations; and working with the various non-governmental organizations and missions of mercy in a bid to make dental care accessible to greater numbers of the underprivileged.

My long-term career goal is to end up in the academic world, passing on the cutting-edge of dentistry to following generations. I imagine myself at some point down the road as a academician in the field of Prosthodontics. I seek to always maintain a special fluency and currency concerning the technological aspect of our field and I especially look forward to training dentists for implant surgery under general anesthesia. My involvement in several clinical research projects at the University of North Texas Health Science Center as part of my MPH Program have helped me to make vast strides in my research skills and to advance enormously as a creative and interdisciplinary thinker in dentistry.

I would be most grateful for this opportunity to prove myself to your program and I thank you for considering my application to this competitive position.

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