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Foreign-Trained, Advanced Placement IDP Personal Statement, Indian Dentist Studying towards the MHA

Updated: Mar 21

A dentist from India, I have only recently moved to the USA, on April 4, 2015. I am currently studying towards my Master of Science in Healthcare Management at the University of XXXX in XXXX, California and will be graduating this coming May of 2017. While I always want to practice dentistry hands on, I believe that my Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management will be highly complementary to my DDS Degree, since I hope to become a manager of dentists at some point in the future in my native India. In this way, I will be able to make my greatest possible contribution to helping the underserved in my country of origin, which is projected to overtake China as the most populous nation on earth by mid-century. India has so many challenges, with so many poor people and so much oral cancer in particular. On the basis of earning the DDS Degree here in America, I hope to practice dentistry in both the USA and India, supporting myself and any family that I might have in the future by practicing dentistry here in the USA, and subsequently being able to help fund my volunteer efforts in India in the future.

I have a dental license in India and worked as a dentist for two years before moving to America to advance my education, so that I can become the finest dentist possible as a result of international training, hopefully earning the DDS Degree in the USA where our field is the most advanced. I realized early on as a dental student that our medical equipment and technology in India was not on a par with the latest technology and procedures, especially when compared to dentistry as practiced in the USA. I learned a lot about this as a result of having a very close friend who completed his DDS in America and is not practicing in the USA. Being given a chance to excel in your program would provide me with the opportunity to spend a lifetime on the cutting edge of dentistry, fully immersed in the latest developments concerning dental procedures where these developments are taking place, here in America.

After completing DDS program in USA, I want to work as a dentist in USA for at least five years so as to become highly experienced. I am convinced that staying to practice in America will help me to make progress towards my long term goal of opening my own clinic in India offering the best dental care that I can to patients rich and poor alike with special attention paid to those in most desperate need, without regard to their ability to pay; start my NGO, do fundraising, and hopefully attract volunteers and open more clinics. But I will make sure to offer free services to the poor who cannot afford. XXXX, my home town in India is where I hope to establish my first clinic. XXXX is surrounded by more than 100 villages, and I daydream about expanding my reach so that someday many of these villages also have clinics. I worked as a dentist for two years in India and I have over 6000 hours of experience working with different types of patients. I am very patient and at the same time very confident in performing dental surgeries. I also perform my surgeries relatively fast without the expense of losing any quality in performing the surgery as it is very important to be fast and safe in performing surgeries since there are always a lot of patients to take care every day in India.

Growing up I had 3 supernumerary teeth in the upper arch and one in the lower arch. Kids used to make fun of me. Then my dad took me to the Dentist at the age of 10 and I was treated for two and half years, since then having perfect teeth. Getting my teeth fixed helped me to gain the confidence that I needed to do better in school and in fact improved every aspect of my life. Thus, becoming a dentist was for me a most natural choice. Another reason why I hope to remain in America for a number of years after earning my DDS Degree is to pursue yet further study towards a specialization. Endodontics is my area of greatest passion and engagement so I hope to also earn a degree and acquire cutting edge specialization in this area at some point after completing your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists.

I thank you for considering my application.

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