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A dentist from India who finished dental school in my home country in August of 2012, I have given my life to dentistry and never looked back, always full steam ahead. Since shortly after my graduation, I became an integral part of the XXXX Dental Clinic in XXXX, my home city, giving my all for the last 6 years. I have needed to remain in India for these past six years for a variety of reasons, most family concerns that are now fully resolved. Each year I have wanted to apply to an Advanced Standing Program in the USA for foreign-trained dentists, but the time has not been right until now.

I am pleased that I have grown enormously since completing dental school on many personal and especially professional levels, continuing to study and specialize in a variety of dental areas. I have given myself fully to participating in research, particularly with respect to a comparative study of the oral health of children in government vs. private schools, the area of my first publication. I then went on to publish a cross-sectional study concerned with levels of awareness of biohazards and waste management among dental and medical students in India. Finally, I am also published on the subject of malocclusion among school children. Children’s oral health is my first and deepest professional love; thus, after earning my DDS/DMD in the USA, I hope to continue at some point towards the development of a cutting-edge specialization in Pediatric Dentistry. I have been to the USA on several occasions and spent significant amounts of time there, volunteering and daydreaming about restarting my career in America where I am in awe of advances in dentistry and I hunger to study in a state-of-the-art institution.

While still in adolescence, my mother spent more than a year in a most uncomfortable and frustrating battle with trigeminal neuralgia. Throughout her diagnosis and treatment, I followed everything very closely and bonded with her dentist, replaying our conversations numerous times and hanging on every word that he said. By the time she was cured, I was left very curious about dentistry generally speaking and I began going to the dentist’s clinic to observe dental procedures. I could not have enjoyed these visits more, observing him working on patients and listening to how he came to a diagnosis. By young adulthood, I was fully hooked on dentistry as the calling in life that I wanted to pursue.

As I progressed through dental school, I came to treasure each and every interaction with patients and their families. I rejoiced at my capacity to calm the nerves of the elderly in need of treatment and my special interest in pediatric dentistry also began as a dental student - my sense of internal satisfaction was enormous. As a student and beyond, I have given myself fully to volunteer activities in the community, dental screenings and treatment camps held in nearby villages, an orphanage, a school for the blind, etc. I came to appreciate early on the importance of oral health information, since I was deeply saddened to see periodontitis so widespread among children as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Earning my DDS/DMD degree in a distinguished institution in the USA will prepare me for a lifetime of cutting-edge, global dentistry, learning from my fellow students as well as my mentors. I keenly look forward to long conversations sharing challenges and strategies with students from poor countries such as my own, India, which face enormous challenges.

My ambition is to contribute to the oral health of as many individuals as possible through clinical practice and volunteering my services to under-privileged communities - for the balance of my professional lifetime. I am convinced that a life full of constant challenges to overcome is the best way to spread one’s wings and fly professionally. I am now in a position with the full support of my family to give myself to dentistry in the USA 24/7 for as long as it takes to rise to the top of my capacity as an oral health professional.

One special highlight of my career was helping to organize the Indian Dental Conference that was closest to my city in 2007, and then went on to help organize our region’s Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry conferences for the next several years. On my long visits to the USA, I assisted with dental awareness camps organized in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

The underserved stand at the center of my heart and mind, and it is here where I most hope to distinguish myself in dentistry over the long term, helping those who need my help the most, those whose need is great but who have little to no access to care. In addition to Pediatric Dentistry, my other great special love is Endodontics, and I hope to receive special training and opportunities for excellence in this area of dentistry as well, particularly with respect to helping older patients. At the very center of my professional dreams stand the homeless. I am certain that attending to their oral health care needs in the USA will bring me full circle across oceans and time and I will find my deepest and most profound joy.

I thank you for considering my application to your doctoral program in dentistry.

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