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Indian International Dentist Personal Statement Sample, Foreign-trained, Advanced Placement Writing

Updated: Mar 22

A young, cosmopolitan Indian woman and a dentist who could not be more devoted to my profession, I hope to be selected to begin a DDS/DMD Program here in the USA where I have been building a new, permanent home with my family. In preparation for excellent performance in a DDS/DMD Program for international dentists in the USA, I have been pursuing the Master’s Degree in Public Health at XXXX University in New York. An avid and relentless student, I could not be happier with the thought that the completion of this Master’s Degree will help me to excel in your doctoral program and beyond. It also dovetails very nicely with an emphasis on helping the underserved which I look forward to continuing to cultivate and build upon throughout the course of my professional lifetime.

As a Master’s student in Public Health, more and more I am able to connect the dots concerning the critical relationship between dentistry and public health. Courses in epidemiology, social behavioral health, biostatistics, heath promotion, disease prevention, and finance, have all been helping me enormously to gain increasingly more sophisticated perspectives on the many ways that cultural factors have a role in emerging oral health. On one hand, epidemiological and bio-statistical calculations help to correctly identify the distribution and prevalence of oral health conditions. On the other, healthcare outcomes assessment and finance helps to design an appropriate program with the available budget to make the most of the resources.

I also work as an intern at Public Health Solutions, a non-profit organization working for the benefit of the residents of Queens, NY. They create programs that help to ensure the basic welfare of vulnerable members of the community, including their oral health. I also volunteer at XXXX Hospital in Brooklyn, where I also shadow dentists, in fact, the best residents and attending dentists in the dental department, so as to keep myself up-to-date with the latest treatment procedures. I especially enjoy getting involved with unique cases and learning how to create optimal treatment plans for these rare conditions.

As a young person I developed a great passion for oil paintings and in time I came to see dentistry as something akin to working with oils, requiring the same dexterity of hand and attention to intricate detail, precise strokes and focus. I love how Dentistry is always evolving with new technologies and increasingly effective procedures. I envision someday designing and operating a dental office that would be efficient, comfortable, and provide a very pleasant, stress-free atmosphere. Only the very best dental care will be provided by conserving the original teeth where possible and working to improve oral hygiene. I also hope to treat a large number of patients who are unable to pay for my care.

For me dentistry is much more than gainful employment, it is my vocation, and most importantly it provides me with a vehicle for giving back to my community. It is the feeling of accomplishment and content that nothing else can provide. I remember one patient, an older gentleman who could not afford dentures and had problems eating. I offered to pay for his treatment and made the complete denture for him for at no charge. The gentleman was overjoyed and smiled widely as he blessed me for all the work that I had done. My other unforgettable moments in life have been serving in dental check-up camps in rural areas of India where dental hygiene is generally at best an afterthought. I spent the days cleaning teeth and educating people about the importance of dental care. It was the feeling of helping others in need that resulted in my feeling content and accomplished after a long and tiring day. I have spent the past five years obtaining as much theoretical and practical knowledge about dentistry as possible and have attended to and cared for many patients, so I have hands-on experience with many of the procedures that I learned in dental school. I have presented projects and seminars to a wide variety of audiences regarding preventive care and oral hygiene, as well as oral cancer and other subjects often treated as taboo. Finally, I have conducted research on partial dentures, bleaching and implants.

During my one-year of internship rotations, I was involved with various non-government organizations and served at health centers in nearby villages. I also served at Manavsadhna a famous Gandhi ashram where I educated the less privileged kids regarding oral health and dental hygiene, distributing toothbrushes and toothpaste samples and demonstrating how to use them most effectively. The main issue with many individuals is that they are simply unaware of the importance of dental hygiene. I seek to pursue holistic approaches in dentistry that always incorporate patient education: spreading dental health knowledge and services to my community, always thinking globally and acting locally, helping to ensure that my patients and future generations take a proactive approach to their dental health.

I thank you for considering my application.

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