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Indian Periodontics Professor Applying for International Dentist Program

Updated: Mar 19

Almost as soon as I entered dental school in my native India, I began developing a special interest in and a great passion for Periodontics. As much as I could, especially following my graduation, I have focused my special efforts in this area of dentistry in particular. My efforts have been rewarded by the fact that I am now teaching Periodontics as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontics at the XXXX School of Dental Medicine. It is a great honor to serve in this capacity and it is my sincere hope to it will help result in my being selected to attend and complete your distinguished DDS/DMD program. I hope to complete my education in dentistry here in America by earning a world-class doctoral degree on the cutting edge of dentistry.

Completing the Postdoctoral MS Degree Program in Periodontics at XXXX (2013 – 2016) was the crowning achievement in my life so far, coupled to the joy of teaching Periodontics. Now, I seek to add to this accomplishment the completion of the doctoral degree in Dentistry as well, here in the USA, where I am making a new home and look forward to many decades to come practicing dentistry.

Prior to beginning my MS Program at XXXX, I studied full time for two years (2011- 2013) in a Postdoctoral Program in Oral Medicine at the XXXX Dental School in Newark, where I completed a Graduate Research Project on “Screening for Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes in a Dental Setting” with a special focus on the added benefits of Hs-CRP as compared to FRS. These experiences helped me to distinguish myself at Rutgers as testified to by the fact that I am now teaching in the program. I have also completed a Preceptorship in Oral Implantology & Reconstructive Dentistry at Smile USA, working alongside my mentor Dr. XXXX, DDS, at the Center for Reconstructive Dentistry in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition, I have had advanced training in sinus augmentation, and completed courses in Soft Tissue as well as critical Soft Tissue Techniques in Esthetic & Implant Dentistry, all with Dr. XXXX.

I have studied hard and given my all day after day in the treatment of our patients in the clinic. The special expertise in and passion for Periodontics will help me to excel in your doctoral program in dentistry and help me to make meaningful and significant contributions to the many discussions that I look forward to having with peers and colleagues in your program. I look forward to a long lifetime contributing to the profession through meaningful research, striving to come as close to perfection as I can clinically speaking; and giving back to the community in abundance.

The opportunity to be involved in significant scientific research at XXXX has enabled me to better understand how to design and execute a research project that yields solid results. Here at XXXX, I conducted a study involving Screening for Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes in a Dental Setting (Added Benefits of Hs-CRP to FRS). I completed the entire project almost independently, from writing the Grant to presenting the study after completion. I am currently collaborating with Dr. XXXX, analyzing Hs-crp and its association with coronary disease after phase 1 periodontal therapy (comparing the levels of HS-crp and A1c levels before phase 1 therapy and after completing phase 1 therapy). I now like to think of myself as highly skilled at writing grant proposals, drafting and carrying out a project protocol, analyzing and interpreting data, conducting an extensive literature review and writing up and presenting a study. I am also contributing to the literature by publishing case studies (periosteal pouch/alternative to membrane for bone augmentation) and systemic review papers (growth factors and periimplantitis) - currently under review by the publisher.

My scores have always stood at the top of my class and I have done well on the national boards. My clinical skills have greatly advanced since coming to America and I find it enormously exciting and fulfilling to apply what I have been learning in the treatment of my patients, particularly with respect to the alleviation of pain.

In my family, I was taught to honor our philosophy of service and each year while I was growing up we spent time together participating in various social service projects, generally providing food, beds and shelter to vulnerable and underserved people. Thus, continuing to do this as a dental student in India came most naturally. Here in the USA, it was a special honor to be chosen as the Chief Resident and Community Service Coordinator for my class.

I look forward to always learning as much as I can whenever I have the opportunity: techniques, approaches and best practices, using what I learn to benefit others and continuing to develop my leadership skills, especially in the area of Periodontics. I intend to serve my local community in private practice and always continue my engagement with the community as a volunteer. I look forward to learning a great deal from my peers as well as my mentors in your distinguished doctoral program in dentistry and I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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