Indian Woman International Dentist Personal Statement, MBA Health Care Management

Updated: Nov 18

A female dentist originally from India, now living in XXXX, Ohio for the past three years. In March of 2013, I earned my MBA in Health care Management at The University of XXXX. It is my intention to use the many tools and resources that I have acquired throughout the course of my MBA studies to good use making my mark in life in the area of oral health care for the indigent back home in India.

Back in India, my career in dentistry started with a little inspiration from a dentist who is a father of my best friend. I used to go along with him to the clinic where I became much better aware of how many people suffer from dental problems. Nothing makes me happier than working as part of a professional team, sharing our responsibilities and triumphs in the service of our patients. I became increasingly inspired to begin a career in dental surgery and so I went on to complete my degree in dentistry at the Lenora Institute of Dental Sciences in India.

My father always taught me that the greatest joy and happiness possible comes in our service to others and that we must always do the best we can with what we have. Being a medical officer, he used to conduct medical camps such as blood donation, vaccination camps, and dental checkup camps as well, distributing medicine to those suffering from malaria. Sometimes, he would bring me along. My father will always be my hero and, like him, I want to do everything that I can to help the poor, those in greatest need of oral health care who can least afford it.

My experience in the United States has been fantastic and I have completely adjusted to the culture.. As my second language was English I was able to do so easily. I am very much enjoying a full immersion experience not only in American culture and customs, but most importantly in the American practice of dentistry. At the same time that I was earning my Masters, I also worked for a community center, Cancer Patient Services (CPS), which is a branch of the American Cancer Society whose mission is to provide services to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as providing support for their families, providing a variety of services all at no cost. My work at the center is an expression of my central goal in life, professional service to those individuals who most need my help. My primary function with CPS is to educate patients and their families about oral cancer; I also promote our organization at social events, selling tickets, helping with set-up and tear down, coordinating participants, working at the booths, handing out our brochures and informing the public of the services that we offer.

It is deeply tragic that, on top of the loss of the loved one to oral cancer, many families also bear considerable costs that they cannot afford, even going into debt, the effects of which can be multigenerational, on top of the emotional agony and duress involved. If I get a chance I have decided to dedicate my life as a dentist to the early detection of oral cancer because it is our best weapon, offering the best chance for long term survival. During my Masters studies, I also worked as a Graduate Research assistant for 20 hours a week. I supported several research projects and carried out analytical testing which included product stability which gave me an opportunity to learn many new things about health care and to also develop my research skills, as a co-author of three peer-reviewed journal publications.

Throughout my academic life, I have immersed myself in the field of dentistry. As a part of my undergraduate program I had the privilege of serving in an internship position at St. Joseph dental college for one year and then I was able to work as junior lecturer in the department of Pedodontics at the XXXX Institute of Dental Sciences for 8 months where I guided undergraduates in pre-clinical exercises as well as clinical procedures. I also worked as an associate dentist under a private practitioner for a year and a half. This last experience was invaluable insofar as I came to a much greater appreciation of the numerous factors and details that are involved in the day-to-day operation of a highly successful dental clinic. This experience also helped to inspire me to pursue the MBA in Health care Management. I am now a certified Health care provider in accordance with the curriculum of the American Heart Association for the BLS (CPR & AED).

Among the highlights of my career so far in dentistry was the opportunity to give presentations both abroad and in my home country. I was also awarded the Best Outgoing Student Award from the LIDS. At the National Technology & Social Science conference held in Las Vegas in 2012, I received a runner-up award.  I was also selected as Best Student Employee in 2012 at University of XXXX.

I gravitate magnetically towards service to the poor, those of scant resources, many of whom are afraid of going to the dentist as well as not being able to afford it. I believe I have the skills, high level of curiosity and motivation combined with my research experiences that will enable me to excel in your program and distinguish myself as part of your academic community. I sincerely hope to be accepted to your DDS program because this is the best way to advance my chosen lifetime career goal, making the greatest possible contribution to our practice of dentistry.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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