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International Dentist Personal Statement Oncology

Updated: Feb 8

I understood the importance of a simple smile early in my life. My dental imperfections made me a very self-conscious and shy child growing up. Crowded teeth and a love for chocolates made me an early visitor to the dentist. I vividly remember Dr. XXXX, who knew how to handle a scared and shy child like me. An Orthodontist by specialization, he made the procedure so painless and fun that I looked forward to attending his clinic every time. This transformation boosted my confidence, and I felt like a different person with a new, much more favorable appearance. This experience left such a positive imprint on me that dentists became my heroes, and I have seen dentistry as an especially glorious calling ever since. Over time, what was initially a childhood fantasy turned into my reality. Before choosing a career, I volunteered at Dr. XXXX’s clinic to further explore the field after high school. ”Philosophy begins in wonder,” said Plato, and so did my romance with Dentistry. This past year, I have been making a new home with my husband in Chicago and giving my all to learn everything I can about dentistry in the USA. I am an Indian Dentist who is incredibly determined to succeed.

India has some of the highest oral cancer rates globally, so I have been heavily engaged for many years now in this struggle. This also helps explain why I married the man that I did, a medical doctor and an oncologist. We spent a lot of time discussing cancer; for us, the struggle against cancer is very romantic- standing at the center of our world. The most significant contribution I can imagine making would be to give my professional life to the study and advancement of dental oncology. Of course, the logical next step is to earn the DDS or DMD degree to have the cutting professional knowledge and education I need to excel.

After completing dental school, I hope to pursue a fellowship in Dental Oncology. My extremely high motivation to pursue this area of dentistry was enhanced further by helping my uncle deal with and survive oral cancer – nothing has ever brought me such profound joy as this personal experience in dentistry. I have also volunteered with cancer patients at the AIMS cancer center in India. I am very well-read in radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery for head and neck cancer.

Throughout my practice, I have had the privilege of working with underserved populations and have gradually come to understand the complexity of their challenges: an abysmal lack of awareness of the importance of dental hygiene and oral hygiene health care. I am passionate about teaching and research, and I look forward to someday serving in an academic institution where I can balance clinical, education, and research responsibilities.

Little is known about the field of Dental Oncology in India. Thus, I aim to organize workshops for dentists in India concerning how to care for these patients. I stay in touch and am involved with the cancer center where I volunteered in India. I look forward at some point to helping establish a specialized dental unit there for underserved populations, especially those hard-hit by oral cancer.

I am a competitive applicant for your program because I am an experienced and hard-working dentist with five years of experience in India before coming to America. I feel confident and prepared for the rigors and commitment to succeed in a world-class dental program.

Thank you for considering my application.

International Dentist Personal Statement Oncology


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