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International Dentist Personal Statement Sample Pakistani

International Dentist Personal Statement
International Dentist Personal Statement Samples

I was raised in a family in which several members were successfully and happily engaged in medicine and dentistry. My father was a dentist and there was an assumption in the family that I would follow him, however I was not particularly drawn to dentistry. At school I had a vague hope, like most young people, to earn a living in a way that would be of benefit to others but had no firm idea as to how this might be achieved. I chose the ‘pre-medical’ academic path in grade 11 only because of an interest in Biology but was still unsure what career to pursue.

One day, my father’s assistant was called away from the clinic because of a family emergency and I was asked to help for several days. It was a life-changing experience. Seeing grimaces of pain being rapidly transformed into smiles of relief and gratitude was very impressive, as was the caring professionalism I witnessed, and the resulting trust and confidence shown by the patients. By the end of those few days, my mind was made up and I have never since regretted my choice of career. 


My goal is to qualify to practice in the US and to specialize in orthodontics and craniofacial anomalies, especially the treatment of cleft palates which cause such distress and can be so radically repaired.

International Dentist Personal Statement
International Dentist Personal Statement Examples

Having a highly experienced and skilled dentist as a father was an enormous help during my studies. He was always there to help, advise, and encourage, and my vacations were spent in his clinic helping and observing.  Thus, my practical skill always exceeded that of my fellow students who would sometimes seek help from me. I was always happy to share my skills and knowledge with them and found great satisfaction in doing so.  

After dental school, I served one year of internship in a government teaching hospital working under the guidance of expert and caring professionals which I completed in 2007. I dealt with a high volume of cases and consequently I gained exposure to a very wide range of dental and oral diseases which enabled me to hone my techniques and to develop vital diagnostic skills.

Following completion of my internship, I set up my own practice with the object of providing affordable dental care as widely as possible in the local community. I set out to develop interpersonal skills, creating positive relationships with patients. I made a firm decision to treat each patient as an individual worthy of respect rather than as a set of x-rays and notes and was particularly successful in reassuring and treating fearful patients. Leading a team and being responsible for all the commercial aspects of the practice was highly challenging being so young but I created a happy and effective team and received excellent feedback from patients.

International Dentist Personal Statement
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I have undertaken significant voluntary and subsidized work with poorer patients, in providing oral and dental health education and, since arriving in the US, by assisting in charity projects.  This exposure has been humbling and highly satisfying and has made me realize that providing free or subsidized treatment and education to those who have lacked opportunities in life is an obligation rather than a choice and it is my intention to do so both in the US and in Pakistan throughout my career.

After arriving in the US in 2015 to join my wife, I faced significant challenges. Working full-time while preparing for the NBE in a new culture and environment called for substantial reserves of determination, resolve and time management. At times, it has been necessary for me to take unskilled jobs to help support my family, but I have chosen ‘customer facing’ roles to perfect my English and to acquire experience of relating to people of a wide variety of social and ethnic backgrounds and have enjoyed doing so.  However, I have also sought as much exposure to the US dental environment as possible and have attended numerous workshops and read technical journals to keep abreast of current developments in dentistry.

I have also had the opportunity to undertake observerships and to work as a Dental Assistant to a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist. This last experience confirmed my choice of a specialty. I am an enthusiastic amateur artist and musician and the esthetic potential in dentistry has always drawn me and I hope to combine my technical skill, knowledge and understanding of esthetics for the benefit of my patients.

To summarize: I have an excellent academic record and eight years of post-qualification professional experience acquired in various environments that have exposed me to a very wide variety of conditions and patients. I have created and run a successful practice demonstrating an ability to relate well with patients, fellow professionals, and staff. I have familiarized myself with the local dental environment as far as possible and kept up to date with recent developments and advances in techniques, diagnostic tools, and materials.

I undertake to work with exceptional diligence and commitment to excel within the program and in my career beyond it. Thank you for considering my application.

International Dentist Personal Statement Sample Pakistani Applicant


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