International Dentist Personal Statement Writing and Editing Service, Applicant from Iran

Updated: Aug 24

When I was six years old, I loved my dentist. A young doctor with big eyes and beautiful eyelashes. This childhood crush introduced me to my love for dentistry and pushed me to always work hard to achieve my goal of becoming a dentist. Unfortunately, I was not able to get accepted to dental school on my first attempt. Instead, I was able to study to become a radiology technician at the Medical School of Esfahan, Iran. It was difficult to be unable to realize my dream of becoming a dentist and having to study another field. That made me feel hopeless of achieving my dream. Although radiology is a major that many strive for, it never replaced the love I had for becoming a dentist. After I graduated from radiology, I had to work for at least a year before the Iranian schooling system allowed me to apply for another field. While I was working as a radiologist, my father passed away. The pain and sorrow of my losing him strengthened my professional resolve to become the most highly qualified professional possible.

Finally, after working hard and studying harder I was able to get accepted to dental school. It was one of the best days of my life, and it became even better when I told the good news to my mother. Although it was a great accomplishment for me, the school that I was accepted to was private and cost a lot of money. My family was middle class and my mom was diagnosed with cancer during this time; money was tight because of her expensive cancer treatments. Thus, I had to keep my job in the Cardiothoracic Hospital while I went to dental school in order to pay my tuition. Unfortunately, my pain would continue since my mother also passed away in my second year of dental school, leaving me to care for my younger brother. On top of working in the hospital and going to school, I had the responsibility of taking care of my younger brother who is 6 years younger than me. He was too young to understand the extent of all these problems, so I always tried to keep a lively household. I took a cooking and baking class to ensure that our table was always full of home cooked meals and various types of nutritious dishes. I am a hard worker; and I never quit.

Despite the sadness, I persevered and threw myself into dentistry, giving my all, and going on to practice dentistry in Iran for several years. Now 38 years old, I have lived in the USA for three years and I am making America my permanent home. I hope to resume my career in dentistry as a result of being selected for and completing your competitive DDS/DMD Program. Since coming to America in 2014, I have been busy studying for the American preliminary dental exams. I have also worked in a dental office in Los Angeles as a dental assistant to experience the atmosphere of dental offices in America. I have also continued to publish in my field. My dreams in dentistry have grown enormously. Dedicated to lifelong education, I look forward to continuing to study after earning my doctoral degree, learning about new specialties and treatment plans. I also look forward to providing a safe space for Iranian-Americans and immigrants from Iran who prefer a Farsi speaking dentist.

I eat, sleep, and breathe dentistry. Even in my free time I find myself studying about topics such as painless dentistry, through hypnotism as well as sedation. I also look forward to assuming the challenge of working with patients who have special needs requiring special consideration resulting from HIV, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, etc. I particularly look forward to working with people who have gone through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other cancer treatments. I miss the dental clinic that I established back home in Iran and sincerely hope to open another dental clinic here in the US one of these days.  I day-dream of assuming leadership roles in dentistry in the future, starting up my own multi-specialty clinic, for example, where a variety of dentists with special training in a variety of areas treat patients at the same location. By successfully delegating responsibility, this would enable me to spend more of my own time helping those who are in the greatest need by volunteering, such as in nursing homes. I am experienced in this area since I volunteered extensively in nursing homes while still a dentist in Iran and it would be an enormous honor for me to return to doing this here in the USA; nothing brings me greater joy.

I always strived to be the best at whatever I wanted to do; and I was always the best employee or student in my group of colleagues, and a tasteful host. After completing dental school, I worked for a while in a dental clinic until I was able to open my own office. I also continued my education, taking courses for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to further my skills and offer more to my patients.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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