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International Woman Dentist from India, Personal Statement, IDP Program, Writing and Editing Service

Updated: Feb 1

I am a young woman from India who is highly devoted to dentistry. My initial experience in oral health began while I was in high school, working at a hospital. Soon, I became very passionate about the science of dentistry because of how it so radically improved the lives of our patients, giving them greater confidence and self-esteem. I also realized that dentists are excellent communicators and have the opportunity to build invaluable, meaningful relationships with their patients and the community. At this point, early on, I set my site on becoming a dentist.

My dreams became a reality when I began dental school. My professors were excellent teachers and provided me with a strong foundation; I excelled in dental school because of my keen interest and profound dedication to my studies. Each day was an intense learning experience that helped me grow enormously on a human and professional level in response to the magnitude of the challenges. During my last two years of study, I learned how to think more creatively and independently at the same time that I became increasingly aware of the particularly critical importance of the preventive aspect of dentistry, especially in a country such as India with its enormous poverty and lack of adequate public health education programs, especially concerning oral health. Upon graduating, I worked as an Associate Dentist, further sharpening my abilities and gaining significant experience in the private health care sector. The most important thing I took away from this experience was my solid moral conviction that each patient deserves quality care, irrespective of their ability to pay for it.

Soon, I became deeply involved in preventive dentistry, volunteering to work in numerous dental camps, including some that served the mentally ill. I worked especially hard to convert my ideas into concrete goals, many of which I realized due to my determination. Many of my peers were very encouraging, complimenting me for my initiative, hard work, and development of leadership skills. For these reasons, I was chosen among many applicants to serve as a graduate tutor in the area of Oral Medicine and Radiology. To this day, now living in America, I remain passionately devoted to the cause of raising awareness of the importance of oral health and hygiene.

Since I arrived in the USA a little over a year ago, I have been committed to continuing my education in dentistry, working towards obtaining certifications, and spending vast amounts of time acquiring valuable experience by shadowing several dentists. In this way, I have already learned much about how dentistry is practiced in America. Volunteering at community health centers has provided me opportunities to serve and better understand and adapt to my new community.

My short-term objective is to be admitted to and subsequently excel in a program for international dentists. My long-term goal is to become a highly competent dentist licensed to practice in the US. I keenly look forward to the opportunity to enhance my skills as a general dentist, becoming thoroughly proficient in all aspects of dentistry. I would like to have my private practice where I labor mightily each day to put a smile on my patients’ faces. I want to have the privilege of teaching dentistry in the future, perhaps returning to India for this purpose for extensive periods. In particular, I keenly look forward to participating in dental programs in developing countries. This would be the most satisfying experience that I could imagine.

I derive my sense of dignity and fulfillment from my compassion, and earning the confidence of my patients will always be my most prized accomplishment. My experiences have enabled me to adapt to various professional contexts and challenges successfully. I have a hardworking nature, strong moral values, determination, and a profound passion for community service. I look forward to giving my all to your distinguished program so that I might continue to excel in my chosen field.

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