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LOR for Orthodontics Residency, Albania

Updated: Jan 20

writing and editing the personal statement for Orthodontics residency
Dental Clinic in Albania, Letter of Recommendation for Orthodontics Residency

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, and I am a professor of Orthodontics at XXXX University in Albania. I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of XXXX, an applicant to advanced placement programs for international dentists in the USA. I have known XXXX for the last five years since she first took my class in Removable Orthodontics at XXXX University. XXXX hopes to continue advancing her career and contribution to Dentistry by earning a doctorate in the USA.

Myself a graduate of an international program in Europe where I was able to earn my Master’s Degree in Orthodontics, I fully appreciate how very competitive these kinds of programs are; nevertheless, I can assure you that based on what I have seen of XXXX, that she is in that tiny top tier of students in terms of her capacity as well as her dedication and motivation. She has much to contribute to global dentistry and sets the bar extremely high. Thus, it is my sincerest hope that she will be awarded the opportunity to earn a doctorate in her field in the country where the art and science of Dentistry are practiced at their most advanced level.

XXXX has shown great perseverance alongside her passion for all aspects of dentistry, especially as it concerns children's oral health education. She made sure in our clinic that an appliance was delivered on time for each patient from 6 to 10 whose treatment required one; she could also not have been more diligent in her thoroughgoing instruction of the children and their parents on how to use that appliance at home. XXXX's energy and enthusiasm proved significant assets when working with children. She makes everything so engaging and entertaining that treatment plans are as easy to follow as possible.

XXXX makes the children feel happy and secure. Her positive attitude during her follow-up dental visits has also been noteworthy. She went out of her way with each patient to provide honest and detailed feedback, accompanied by her high-energy support and suggestions for the parents. During her time as a student and observing her practice throughout a considerable period, XXXX has proven that she has a marvelous gift for dentistry, mainly as it concerns children.

She consistently earned positive feedback from parents, and her enthusiasm for incorporating new treatments for noncompliant patients was also noteworthy. I could not be more confident in my entire recommendation of XXXX as a candidate for your program for international dentists.

Attending your program will allow her to fully develop her enormous potential in dentistry and contribute to our ongoing struggle to make Orthodontics as effective and affordable as possible in the USA, Albania, and worldwide, particularly in the Developing World.

I am proud to recommend Dr. XXXX as a candidate for admission to your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists. Please email me if you need more information.



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