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LOR Professor of Endodontology, Residency Program in Endodontics, Letter of Recommendation Service

Updated: Mar 22

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Dr. XXXX and I am an Assistant Professor of Endodontics at the School of Dentistry at the University of XXXX. I write this letter recommendation for my student XXXX for a position in your Endodontics Residency Program and could not do so with more enthusiasm and conviction that he has a great deal to offer to your program. I have known XXXX for over six years and he has proven to be one of the most exceptional dental students that I have had the pleasure of teaching.

I have gotten to know XXXX quite well as my student and I am convinced that his potential for contributing to the field of Endodontics is virtually unsurpassed. I provide both didactic and clinical guidance to dental students in their third and fourth years of dental school. XXXX soon proved himself to be one of the brightest students and quickest learners. During our interactions, XXXX displayed a deep-seated knowledge of and passion for endodontics in particular. He has spent a great deal of time shadowing and learning from endodontists and he is already well versed in surgical procedures, completing root canal treatments with ease and excellence. XXXX is a rare find, with a strong clinical skillset and an impressive joy of learning, with a total dedication to evidence-based dentistry. His diagnostic ability is especially advanced and he demonstrates a unique insightfulness in his formation of treatment plans. His delicate hands-on skill and attention to detail coupled to his great capacity for empathy towards his patients has been noted by all who come into contact with him. He builds a strong rapport with patients in particular. XXXX is currently a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, with whom he has been working for the past four years. His next goal is to pursue a specialty degree in Endodontics, where he will be able to take his existing skills to the next level.

XXXX gave his all to his education at the School of Dentistry here at the University of XXXX and in the surrounding community, distinguishing himself in his concern for the underserved. I believe that Sean has a well-developed set of essential skills and attributes that will enable him to become an especially remarkable endodontist and I am certain that he will always give 100% to providing the highest quality of care possible for his patients. Thus, I wholeheartedly support XXXX for a position in your residency program in Endodontics. With his intelligence, passion and patient-oriented mindset, I see his potential to excel as an endodontist as virtually unlimited.


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