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LOR Sample, Letter of Recommendation, OMFS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Radiology

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To Whom It May Concern:

Few of my students have shown so brightly as Dr. XXXX. Therefore, I could not recommend him more highly for acceptance to an advanced standing program for international dentists. As a full professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Radiology, I have been Vice President of XXXX University since 2005. I have served as Associate Dean of the School of Stomatology at XXXX University. I also served as Associate Dean of XXXX Hospital for six years until 2005. Both the school and the hospital rank among the top 10 in China. As Dr. XXXX’s supervisor and mentor during his internships and then his Masters and Ph.D. programs, I have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. XXXX very well. I am convinced that he is a highly diligent, dedicated, intelligent dentist, dental educator, and researcher, and would be a valuable asset to your program.

I first met XXXX when he was a student in my oral and maxillofacial surgery class in 1998. I was deeply impressed by his initiative and dedication to the courses that I taught. One day, I was most impressed when he asked me about a clinical case of Sjogren's Syndrome that he was reading about in the Journal of the American Dental Association. He was a proactive and independent thinker with a great passion for his work. The questions he submitted were original during his clinical internship, and he was always persistent until finding the correct answer. Due to his intellectual capacity and continuous efforts, he won multiple scholarships throughout his study at XXXX University; and was ranked third in his class of 26 at graduation.

Based on Dr. XXXX’s outstanding academic performance and comprehensive clinical capacity, I decided to recruit him as a member of my clinical and research team to fully train as an oral surgeon with an advanced understanding of salivary gland diseases and a distinguished oral radiologist, teacher, and researcher. As I expected, Dr. XXXX exhibited high skill, critical thinking, and self-motivation. When we worked together, I witnessed the open-minded, intelligent, and responsible person he is and his impressive development journey in this field, from a complete novice into a mature and determined professional. In as little as two years, he was able to systematically master the principle, knowledge, and skills needed for the diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland diseases and imaging diagnoses of various oral and maxillofacial diseases.

When I introduced sialendoscopy into our Center for Salivary Gland Diseases at XXXX Hospital in 2001, Dr. XXXX was very excited about this novel technology and immediately began to explore its function and application, using it to diagnose and treat hundreds of patients effectively. After years of practicing, he had gained extensive clinical experiences with many clinical cases, many of them rare, for future use as teaching resources. To better serve the community, he summarized his first-hand clinical materials and experiences and published two book chapters and two papers as first author and five as co-author. When working with patients, XXXX always shows extreme patience and sympathy in search of the most appropriate treatment plan. As a dental educator, what he imparted to students was his broader knowledge and contagious career enthusiasm, which was fully reflected by his winning the “Colgate Scholarship for Outstanding Teacher” in our dental school. Dr. XXXX exhibited significant cooperative and collaborative spirit and strong teamwork skills with group assignments; his warm-hearted, thoughtful, and easy-going personality made him popular among his colleagues.

When XXXX was a Ph.D. student, he was selected for and enrolled in a collaborative research program with the University of XXXX (UXX) School of Dentistry in the U.S. After three years of research training, he earned his Ph.D. and now has three published articles, including two first-authored and one co-authored. Dr. XXXX has made significant leaps and bounds in his career development in the field of craniofacial developmental biology, refining, maturing, and perfecting his skills and capabilities as an outstanding researcher. As his mentor, I was most proud of his research achievements in the U.S. He won the "Innovative Scientific Achievement Award" at UXX and was appointed Assistant Professor of Research at UXX in 2017.

I am highly confident in XXXX’s ability to rank among the top students in his class if he is selected for an IDP Program. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide further information.


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