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Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement Samples

Updated: Jan 25

I hope to become one of only a few Caribbean female Orthodontists with innovative training and professional excellence. Orthodontics introduced me to dentistry. I had braces at the beginning of my teenage years and was enthralled using technology and the technological advancements in the field. My dream of pursuing orthodontics began when I realized how my orthodontist had improved my morale as an adolescent.

I find nothing as exciting and fulfilling as contributing to the increased self-confidence of my patients resulting from improving health, function, and esthetics - all at the same time. In my second of two available residency positions at XXXX, I went out of my way to ensure that as many orthodontics patients as possible were placed on my schedule to maximize my experience in orthodontics. During my free time at XXXX, I shadowed pediatric dental residents doing orthodontics cases. My research interests also lie in Orthodontics, especially the stability of orthodontic movement.

I look forward to serving as a role model in my community to future generations of women of color in Orthodontics. My country of origin is Trinidad and Tobago, a land I know well and love dearly because it is where I have my roots. It is one of the Caribbean's most thriving economies, comprised of two islands with a multi-ethnic, multilingual population. Still, only six orthodontists are practicing in the entire country, and only one or two are female. I am also troubled that patients from the sister island of Tobago must travel inter-island to receive orthodontic care. Further on in my career, I plan to devote increasing amounts of time to volunteer activity and helping to work towards advancing Orthodontics and access to Orthodontic treatment in Trinidad and Tobago. This long-term goal is especially dear to my heart.

Furthermore, I look forward to excelling in Orthodontics in Spanish and contributing to the diversity of your program as an oral health professional competent in this critically important language, the first language of increasing numbers of underserved in America. My Spanish for dentistry improved and became more focused as I learned from my co-residents from Puerto Rico throughout my residency at Montefiore. I also continued to hone this skill with the Spanish-speaking patients during my second Residency at Brookdale.

As a symbol of diversity, my celebration of diversity operates across languages, and I especially love this aspect of my career. The other unique part of my second residency in Brookdale was Brooklyn's large English-speaking Caribbean community. I was left feeling most fulfilled by how these patients found comfort in having a dentist with a familiar/similar cultural background. Another highlight was participating fully in the Give Kids a Smile Day at Brookdale in 2018. In my first residency position at Montefiore Medical Center, I joyfully went out on our dental bus to provide dental care and education to inner-city schoolchildren.

Increasing awareness of the importance of orthodontic care in underserved communities stands at the center of my goals for the future. I hope to become an expert in orthodontic intervention and craniofacial growth, especially concerning patients with low dental IQs and members of underserved communities.

At some point, I also hope to build and operate my private practice as an Orthodontist, always staying connected with hospitals and clinics devoted to the care of the underserved. At some point, I would enjoy teaching Orthodontics and helping shape the careers of new generations of Orthodontists. At the same time, I plan to enjoy teaching Orthodontics and helping my engagement in cleft palate and surgical cases. Finally, I look forward to being able to increase my participation in dental missions as my career advances.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Orthodontics program.

Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement Samples


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