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International Dentist Personal Statement Writing Help

Updated: Jan 25

I finished dental school in my native Pakistan and am now a permanent resident of the USA. I hope to be selected for a DDS/DMD Program for international dentists based on my intense passion and labor on behalf of dentistry and my extremely high motivation to advance my career here in the USA by completing your program. In 10 years, I want to be a highly experienced maxillofacial surgeon, helping staff free clinics for needy people. I want to use my medical and dental knowledge to help humanity.

I came to America from Pakistan when I was twenty-one, marrying a woman in America with whom I am very much in love. We have worked hard together to make our dreams a reality. Since I arrived, she has fully supported my desire to pursue a career in dentistry, and we have made my dental application the top priority for our family. Since I arrived in America, I have been laboring to prepare myself for selection to a DDS/DMD program for international dentists. I was already working hard on my US board exams when I received my license to practice dentistry in Pakistan. During my studies, I offered my help to local clinics. I served as a volunteer dental assistant to gain experience with dental clinics' advanced practices and procedures in the USA. I currently work as a dental assistant with a clinic in Drexel Hill. I especially enjoy assisting Dr. XXXX with surgical and other dental procedures. I spend much time reading independently in dentistry and keenly look forward to participating in research as my career progresses. I have paid the most attention to grafts, dental implants, and distraction osteogenesis research.

In addition to finishing dental school and becoming licensed to practice dentistry in Pakistan, I also had considerable experience as a dentist in Pakistan before coming to the USA, for which I am very thankful. I completed one year as a House Officer at the XXXX College of Dentistry, where I treated many patients. I also worked at The XXXX Clinic in Peshawar, Pakistan caring for general dentistry patients. This has resulted in my thinking globally about dentistry, the underserved, and the importance of international missions in dentistry. In Pakistan, there is great need and suffering, the memory I will always carry with me, constantly spurring me forward in dentistry and making significant contributions to dentistry in Pakistan and here in the USA.

Ever since I was a little boy, my mother told me she dreamed I would become a doctor. My parents were impoverished, and I was one of 6 children. There were very few legitimate doctors in the village where I grew up—most who claimed to be doctors were quack doctors with little-to-no formal education. Growing up in Pakistan, where poor people have little access to healthcare resources, is the single most prominent reason I chose to give my life to dentistry. It was not until the day my brother became extremely ill that I saw a real doctor when my uncle drove my entire family to a hospital in the nearest large city. After learning about the healthcare professions as I got older, I gravitated towards dentistry because I enjoyed the challenge. Another factor was that my older sister had many problems with her teeth, which also helped me think of dentists as incredibly heroic.

I hope to be selected because of my capacity and desire to help the underserved for the balance of my professional life as a dentist, not only here in America but also by serving on medical/dental missions, returning to Pakistan to help some of the most underserved people in the world, for several weeks each year. Pakistan has been filling up with refugees from neighboring Afghanistan for some time now. Most of them speak Pashto, one of two of my native languages, the other being Urdu.

I have overcome many obstacles from the very beginning due to diligence and perseverance against extraordinarily long odds. There were times as a young person when I went hungry. But it was not my need that resulted in my receiving a full scholarship for dental school from the government of Pakistan, but merit. There were only five hundred out of 20,000 applicants awarded a full scholarship.

I am good with my hands, always have been. I am most fortunate to have such great passion for my career and the full backing of my family, especially the support of my loving and equally hard-working wife. We have a little girl who is the center of our world. I want my daughter to be proud of her father and my kids to know that anything is achievable if you apply yourself to a goal with enough diligence. My daughter is the most precious blessing I have ever received.

Thank you for considering my application.

International Dentist Personal Statement Writing Help


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