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Pediatric Dentistry: Indian International Dentist Program Application Example, Editing

Updated: Mar 22

I finished Dental School in 2009 in India and gained several years of intensive experience practicing dentistry before moving to the USA three years ago. Since my arrival in America, I have been doing all that I can to prepare myself for entrance into a DDS/DMD Program for foreign-trained dentists. I hope to be selected for your competitive program because of my solid track record so far and especially my dedication to research in oral health. I have always been a very dedicated student, putting my studies first. This is reflected in the fact that I finished dental school in India with a 3.76 GPA.

The four months that I spent intensively shadowing Dr. XXXX, a Pediatric Dentist in Chicago, helped me to better understand the much more advanced way in which dentistry is practiced in the US and I learned and absorbed a great deal about most aspects of running a clinic, procedures, materials, resources, etc. While I have a special passion for pediatric dentistry, I have wide ranging interests, in addition to direct care of patients of all ages, particularly dental prophylaxis, extractions, crown restoration, and cavity restoration.

I am thankful to have gained extensive experience serving as a general dentist in a government hospital in India, struggling each day to attend to way-too-many clients with far too few resources; this made me strong and resourceful. I like to think of myself as a master of time management and the optimal utilization of limited resources. My experience is well-rounded, however, since I also gained extensive experience practicing dentistry in India as part of a team at a private clinic in a chic urban area. There, I become highly familiar with what was, at least for India, the latest instruments and technologies, patiently working each day to achieve the highest level of perfection and efficiency.

Working here in the USA, I have vastly upgraded my knowledge and exposure, particularly with respect to sterilization and disinfection techniques, completing a lot of independent investigation to supplement what I have been learning on-the-job. Nothing excites me more than the prospect of participating in research into oral health issues, especially oral cancer as India has some of the highest rates in the world. I see my own professional life as dedicated to making treatment as comfortable as possible at the same time that it heightens life expectancy. I hope to someday start my own clinic and to serve many of the indigent and most needy members of community. Despite that fact that I am also a mother to a lovely little girl, I have been able to publish 2 research papers helping me to learn a great deal about the use of CBCT in dentistry, data collection and its analysis, statistical tools for substantiation, and the practical application of research findings, in particular. I have also gained extensive dental shadowing experience in the US, all the while successfully preparing for NBDE exams and volunteering for community service projects. Balancing all of these experiences has helped me to achieve and maintain a highly efficient equilibrium between my personal and professional lives.

Since childhood, I dreamed of pursuing my career in healthcare. As I began to understand that I lost one of my favorite uncles to oral health disease, which could have been prevented with proper preventive care and lifestyle choices, I gravitated to dentistry. Growing up, I witnessed a larger percentage of children with grossly decayed teeth, adults with gingival conditions were commonplace and precancerous lesions are also most common, especially as a result of tobacco. Such a pathetic situation made me stronger and determined to work wholeheartedly to improve awareness of the importance of oral healthcare. During my countless hours dedicated to dental camps as a volunteer with the non-profit “XXXX Foundation”, I saw tears turned into smiles which gave me immense joy and satisfaction. The highlight of my professional experience in India was serving as an Associate Dentist, working alongside renowned endodontist Dr XXXX in Jaipur. Soon, Dr. XXXX felt confident to leave the entire clinic in my care for long periods of time. Assisting with complicated procedures like crown lengthening, gingival grafts, root resection, and implants was a special joy.

I also volunteer with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a non-profit organization committed to feeding hungry people in Cook County, Illinois. Alongside oral health, I advocate full physical fitness. Long a participant in sports activities, I am especially competitive in girls’ table tennis.

Fully dedicated to lifelong learning, I intend to always stay fully up-to-date concerning developments in dentistry, especially as related to technological innovation. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to earn my doctoral degree at one of the best dental schools in the world with state-of-the-art resources so that I can achieve the fullest possible immersion experience in the technological advancement of dentistry.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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