Pediatric Dentistry Residency Position, Statement Help, Helping Children from Underserved Families

I could not be happier with my chosen profession, Pediatric Dentistry, enabling me to give my all every single day of my life to the most noble goal that I can imagine, improving and enriching the lives of children in the most effective and sustainable way possible. Since children are the future of our society, I also feel a special sense of enrichment resulting from my contribution to the community. Oral health care is so fundamental that it simply must be taught to children to protect them, as well as society as a whole, from the horrendous costs - economic, social, psychological, communal, etc. - that result from tooth decay, especially among children and young people.

Making the Dean’s List in my DDS Program at USC was an especially important accomplishment for me. I attribute this achievement to my drive and dedication, coupled to my cultivation of focus, especially through yoga but also as a runner. I feel that I have much to contribute to your team in Pediatric Dentistry, especially given that I have earned my Master's Degree in Public Health and I am experienced in research, especially with respect to issues of oral health and Medicaid. I have launched myself on a lifetime focus on the children of the underserved, marginalized social classes and groups, migrants, etc., the children who need me most. I look forward to a lifetime of service here in America primarily to children who are funded by Medicaid, in addition to voluntary, communal outreach through clinics for those with low income and no insurance.

Already proficient in general treatment procedures such as restorations, Fixed and removable prosthesis, Root canal treatments, and surgical extractions of normal and impacted teeth. By the time I join your program, I will have 3 years of full time experience as a general dentist serving a patient pool of more than 60 percent children. Thus, I already have extensive experience in the real-world challenges and opportunities that present themselves in the oral health care of children. I am becoming increasingly proficient in most of the tx procedures needed for pediatric patients. I now look forward to a complete immersion experience in the advanced skill sets that I will need to address the oral health challenges of children across the board.

I am currently actively taking part in research in craniofacial development and stem cell biology and could not be more engrossed with what I am learning. I believe research in craniofacial biology holds promising keys to the improvement of clinical outcomes, for congenital as well as acquired craniofacial abnormalities. Enabled and inspired by advanced training and experience in Pediatric Dentistry, I look forward to steadily increasing my volunteer activity on behalf of the community by giving as many hours as I possibly can each week to helping underserved children. I want to go much further than being one of a minority of pediatric dentists that accept Medicaid, I want to specialize in my professional practice on those children for whom Medicaid is their only oral health resource.

I keenly look forward to forming a network of Pediatric Dentists especially concerned with congenital or acquired craniofacial abnormalities: processes, treatments, etc.

I relish the celebration of diversity in America and could not be more pleased that the patient pool with which I am currently engaged includes a great deal of diversity of children and their parents from all ethnic groups and walks of life. I most enjoy and treasure the feedback from children’s parents, and I already have so many fond memories. Finally, I am now myself the father of a baby of 6 months, the oral health of whom I pay especially close attention to. I love having my own tiny laboratory, tiny person, tiny mouth, in my arms every day.

I thank you for considering my application.

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