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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Public Health

Updated: Jan 22

When I finished dental school in India (2008-2013), I was already focused on Pediatric Dentistry as the area where I wanted to make my mark in life. Contributing to the well-being of my community is central to my mission. I want to learn as much as possible about challenges and opportunities in Global Pediatric Dentistry, particularly in large, developing countries such as India - which is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country within a few years. Thus, when I immigrated to America after practicing dentistry in India for two years, I earned my Master’s in Public Health (2016- 2018).

I work with International Health Initiatives, serving as a project manager for a program to help children with traumatic cataracts in an underserved community in India, and I am also developing an initiative to educate and promote oral health in underserved areas of India and Columbia by utilizing 3D printers to design dental education models for dental pathology. Participating in a preceptorship program to familiarize me with the dental environment in US institutions has been another recent highlight. I am especially pleased to be engaged in pre-clinical Craniofacial Research at Nova Southeastern Dental School. I hope to be selected for your distinguished residency program in Pediatric Dentistry to further prepare myself for innovative practice and research in our field.

In the future, I want to build upon my professional progress in public health and dentistry and public health, with a focus on community-based disease prevention and the practice of pediatric dentistry. After giving my all to a residency program, I envision establishing myself in private practice, focused as much as possible on the children of underserved families. I am especially drawn to Pediatric Dentistry for a variety of reasons, including the fact that as a child, I had a congenital disability, amelogenesis imperfecta, which caused me to suffer a great deal in my childhood because of weak enamel, receiving dental treatment from an incredibly early age.

I plan to serve as an advocate for children in addition to treating them clinically, and I also hope to be able to exercise some influence on public policy decisions related to pediatric dentistry and general oral health. I thrive in a high stress setting that requires long hours on my feet attending challenging cases. By the end of my first year of rotations, I was confident in my clinical skills only because I had given my all. I especially enjoyed participating in an oral education program at several primary schools, screening camps, and treatment camps in rural areas of India. After my graduation, I was extremely fortunate to get a chance to work under one of the best dentists in Gujarat, India. Many of her patients suffered terribly from oral health issues provoked by tobacco addiction. The teenagers in this condition made a big impression on me, strengthening my resolve. Under my supervisor’s guidance, I started an awareness program for young people that met with much success. Giving back to society is central to my identity, personal and professional sense of who I am, and how I manage my resources, especially my time. I have learned many valuable things and developed new skills in my MPH program, which will help me contribute valuable insight to our efforts.

As a research assistant for several CDC projects, I particularly enjoyed the one named Pediatric Toolkit. I have volunteered for a Special Olympics program for six months and have provided education on nutrition and healthy eating choices to children with intellectual or developmental disabilities. I have also participated in various health fairs and have provided education on Zika Virus to high school students. Participating in numerous community events related to healthy food distribution, rededication ceremonies, and events where I help children plant sunflower seeds has helped them and me grow. I relish the diversity of America, particularly in healthcare, and look forward to many decades to come at the service of those who need me most and to which I have the most to give, the little ones.

Thank you for considering my application to your rigorous and distinguished residency program in Pediatric Dentistry.


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