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Periodontology Residency, Experienced, Australia

Updated: Mar 24

I have dedicated my entire lifetime to Periodontology, research as well as practice, here in Australia, and the advancement of Periodontology as a profession. I am also extremely dedicated to preventive dentistry and dental education and I look forward to increasing engagement in these areas as well as well. I have 15 years of experience as dentist and 10 years of experience as a dentist in Australia. My long-term plans include serving on an editorial board in Periodontology and writing books on the subject. I would be a special honor to be selected for a Master’s Degree Program in Periodontology that requires the writing of a thesis, since this is very much in line with my desire to remain centrally involved with the academic aspects of Periodontology.

I passed the Australian Dental Council examinations in 2009 and since that time I have been practicing dentistry in Australia and overseas, operating my own practice since 2018 and graduating from dental school in 2004. I have now spent 15 years practicing as dentistry and I have completed extensive postgraduate training. I have studied under several world renown dentists and I have completed post-graduate training at Latrobe University as well as completing a Master class program at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. I also completed a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry in Miami, Florida.

My colleagues would describe me as a kind, caring and compassionate dentist who enjoys helping her patients to achieve high standards of dental care by bringing my expertise to bear and giving my all across every aspect of general dentistry, including root canal treatments, Crown and Bridge, oral surgery and restorative dentistry and dental implants. I have extensive experience in diagnosing dental problems and conditions and delivering comprehensive dental care. Highly valued by my patients for promoting excellent dental hygiene through continuous education and encouragement, preventive measures and general oral health care. I have the ability to work under pressure.

I see dental health as inseparable from general health. Performing most aspects of dentistry, I have treated over 5000 patients, including periodontal therapy (scaling root planning polishing) and maintenance, in addition to oral hygiene measures and restorative treatment. I am accomplished in various aspects of Prosthodontics (Crown & Bridge, removable and complete dentures, implant supportive removable dentures), as well as Endodontics (Anterior and posterior), the use of rubber dam, apex locator, and rotary endodontics). Particularly adept at surgical implant placement and restoration as well as teeth whitening, I very much enjoy every aspect of my field, taking particular delight in preventive and minimal intervention dentistry. Committed and driven, I always stay abreast of the literature and continue to study towards my own professional development, while always striving for the optimal result for each of one of my patients.

I have special research interests in Alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction as well as bone regeneration; and the effects of antiresorptive drugs such as bisphosphonates and denosumab. Now experienced in implant therapy and periimplantitis, I look forward to an in-depth exploration of the relationship between periodontal disease, chronic inflammatory conditions, and the relationship of periodontal disease with various other inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

I could not be more dedicated to life-long learning and keeping up with all the modern advances in the world of periodontics, because I am extremely dedicated to patients receiving the most up-to-date treatments available. I regularly attend national and international conferences and contribute to research efforts resulting in publications in implant and periodontal journals. I do this so as to maintain and extend a high standard of patient care.

I maintain a very strong interest in the training of new generations of dentists. My strong commitment to excellence in periodontal care includes, for me, staying fully up to date concerning state-of-the-art technology and facilities. I believe in providing patients with an exceptional level of quality care within a friendly and relaxed environment while striving to educate and motivate them to maintain their optimal dental health for life. My motto is pleasant service and positive outcome.

I finished dental school in India in 2004 and I have especially benefitted from completing the University of Melbourne’s Master Class Program in Principles of Surgical Implant Dentistry Fellowship at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in 2016. A member of the Australian Dental Council since 2009, I also earned a graduate certificate in Oral Health form the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. I thank you for consideration of my application.

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