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Periodontology Residency, Saudi Woman Dentist Example, Teaching Periodontics

Updated: Mar 22

Being accepted to your distinguished Residency Program in Periodontology will inspire and enable me to become a leader in my chosen field in my country, Saudi Arabia. Still only 27 years old, I am a Saudi woman dentist who could not be more passionate about Periodontology and I look forward to teaching here in the KSA as well as practicing in this area for many decades to come, honoring my profession through constant labor and research to advance our level of patient care in my country.

I seek to practice on the cutting edge of my field and to become a model for others to follow in the Middle East through my mastery of surgical procedures associated with all facets of Periodontology. Being accepted to and completing a Residency Program in Periodontology in the USA will provide me with the professional foundation that I need in order to teach Periodontology in Saudi Arabia to interns and new residents in Dentistry. Together, we will be able to make major improvements in Saudi oral health care structures and practice for many years to come.

I look forward to a long and productive future to which I give my all as a widely recognized and highly respected consultant in Periodontics in the KSA - on the cutting edge of my field as a Periodontist certified by the American Board of Periodontology. In particular, I look forward to filling leadership roles in dentistry in the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital where I currently serve and to which I plan to return upon completing your program.

A very fast learner, I am also highly motivated and could not be more committed to my profession and my service to my patients. An accomplished and practiced team player, I live to learn, anything and everything having to do with dentistry, especially Periodontology.

I have worked as a general dentist for almost three years now in the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, treating many challenging cases under the supervision of our great consultants. My patients include medically compromised patients in our dental department in coordination of their medical doctors.

Very much enthralled by and engaged with esthetic considerations in periodontology. I hope to distinguish myself in the area of Implant Dentistry at the same time that I devote my professional life to Periodontal Surgery, continuing to thrive on the constant, rapid advances being made in these fields. I hope to earn the Master’s Degree and become board certified in Implantology as well as Periodontology. I also spend a lot of time with emerging, cutting edge research in the area of immunity. 

As a volunteer ever since I was in high school, I have spent countless hours working for dozens of causes and non-profit organizations for many years now, including Orphan International Day, International World Health Day, World Without Tobacco, International Downs Syndrome Day, the Al-Jawhara AlIbrahim Center of Excellence in Hereditary Disorders, and at the Day Dental Examination and Treatment during visits of the mobile clinic. Before studying dentistry, I spent much of my vacation time at hospitals visiting and cheering up critically ill patients.

I feel strongly that I have the right combination of high energy and dedication to truly excel in Periodontics if given the opportunity to prove myself in your competitive and rigorous program since I now have extensive experience as a general dentist working long hours under demanding circumstances, in addition to my full year of internship that introduced me to a broad diversity of hospital settings, patients, and challenging cases.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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