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Prosthodontics Residency, Saudi Dentist, Biomaterial Sciences

Updated: Mar 23

I am a Saudi dentist who benefitted from excellent ortho-treatment as a child which had a very positive effect on my self-esteem. So, from an early age, I was aware of the importance of dentistry and particularly esthetic treatments. I hoped to do something useful with my life and to help people in a direct way and, possessing a strong esthetic sense, an interest in the way things work and a love of science, dentistry seemed a natural choice and is one that I have never regretted.

During my training, I saw that the specialty that most fitted my special interests, skills and characteristics was Prosthodontics, I was drawn to it immediately I was introduced to it. Providing patients with an improved appearance, enhanced self-esteem and increased dietary choices provides a degree of satisfaction that can be matched in few professions. My strong interest in the specialty, and my aptitude for it, was noted by those teaching me and I was encouraged to acquire as much exposure to the specialty as possible. I elected to spend the whole of my internship year attending prosthodontic and implant clinics in several hospitals. I was able to observe different specialists applying different treatments, modalities and techniques and of the detailed planning involved. This experience provided a firm foundation for specialist study and strongly confirmed me in my choice. I was privileged to be appointed as a Teaching Assistant and Clinical Demonstrator in the Prosthodontics Department of the KAU College of Dentistry in August 2016. This position qualifies me to attend Prosthodontic sessions with students and to become involved in treatment planning and exposure to a wide range of cases and treatments. The position also entitles me to full grant scholarship for post-graduate studies.

Apart from skills, knowledge and experience, I understand that empathy is a vital ‘ingredient’ in the specialty and cannot be taught or measured. Seeing patients as individuals rather than a set of case notes and images and dealing with them patiently and sympathetically is absolutely vital in this specialty and I always seek to do so and to put the patient first.

I am excited at the prospect of working within a specialty in which so many advances in materials and techniques are being achieved and I very much hope to play a part in future innovations. I was an enthusiastic member of the Research Study Group during training and contributed to several research projects. I am aware that research calls for uncommon characteristics and skills. I believe that there is considerable overlap in those called for in an excellent orthodontic specialist and in an effective researcher. Among these are analytical skills, meticulous planning, determination, creative and original thinking and the ability to co-operate with others to achieve common goals. I regard myself as having the potential to become a really effective researcher and look forward to the opportunity to contribute especially in the area of biomaterial sciences, especially biomaterials in maxillofacial prosthodontics where I detect some potential for improvements.

My ultimate goals are to become a highly skilled practitioner, researcher and teacher of the specialty. I believe that my academic record, specialist studies and working background provides an excellent basis on which to excel within the program. I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm to the program and seek to ‘add value’ to it.

Thank you for considering my application.

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