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Residency Certificate Pediatric Dentistry Statement

Updated: Jan 24

Next year, I will graduate from dental school at XXXX University in XXXX. By the time I had completed my rotations in Pediatric Dentistry, my heart was entirely dedicated to seizing every opportunity coming my way in the future to prepare myself not only for excellence as a general dentist but also for a lifelong specialization in Pediatric Dentistry. For years before I started dental school, I suspected that children would be the particular focus of the career I hoped to build because of my longstanding interest in and affection for our little ones. Thus, I hope to be accepted to your distinguished residency or certificate program for an extensive immersion experience in Pediatric Dentistry, my chosen lifelong specialization in dentistry.

My passion for Pediatric Dentistry was boosted by participating in a service-learning trip to Kenya in 2013 - part of my undergraduate educational program. We worked extensively with young people in two orphanages, a school for the developmentally challenged and a school for the blind. This was my first taste of what I intend to pursue for many decades: giving my all to the unique challenge of pediatric dentistry for special children. For years, I have spent much of my free time reading widely about advancements and challenges in Pediatric Dentistry. I hope to be selected for your distinguished residency or certificate program based on the excellence of my preparation at XXXX and my unlimited enthusiasm for creative advancement in our field.

One weakness of my application is that I have been so busy with the general curriculum in dental school that I have not yet had the opportunity to engage in or contribute to research in Pediatric Dentistry. Still, I fully intend to make up for this in the coming years, making every contribution I can to explore my field to balance my professional career.

I spent a year and a half shadowing Dr. XXXX in Atlanta, Georgia, and I spent countless hours absorbing everything I could about dentistry. Each day, I was anxious to arrive at Dr. XXXX’s clinic to begin a new immersion process and learn as much as I could – with each passing day, I felt increasing confidence that dentistry was the vocation I was called to. Not only did I gain self-reliance and technical skills while observing and assisting Dr. XXXX, but I also witnessed how selfless he was with his practice, and the profoundly positive impact he could make on his patients' lives stood out most. Soon, I began to daydream about one day having the profound privilege of building lasting relationships with my patients across generations. Our minor patients at Dr. XXXX’s clinic stands out most in my mind, and it was a special joy to attend to the inherent challenges involved in children's dental care.

Shadowing Dr. XXXX was an invaluable learning experience that prepared me for excellence as a dental student at XXXX. He would introduce me to every patient he treated, and I got to know many of them quite well, coming to a fuller understanding of their dental needs and issues. I oversaw everything and took mental notes on just how conscientious and compassionate Dr. XXX was with each one of his patients, without exception. He would talk me through each case and take the extra time to explain the exact procedure and why it was necessary. Dr. XXX and his dental assistants also taught me how to interpret X-rays, take impressions, and the art of surgical suturing. Always anxious to learn and participate; perhaps the main highlight was the day Dr. XXXX handed me the bur and let me trim and polish a temporary crown. The feeling was exhilarating, and I have never looked back from that day forward.

Both of my parents immigrated from India. Entering a competitive dental school program such as XXXX University is a testimony to a great deal of hard work and sacrifice from my entire family. My mother earned her bachelor's degree and became an accountant, while my father started his successful company. I have always had an ardent desire to give back to the community. And this is something instilled in me by my parents, to whom I am grateful.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in Pediatric Dentistry.

Residency Certificate Pediatric Dentistry Statement

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