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Letter of Recommendation International Dentist

Updated: Jan 19

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for International Dentist Program

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. ____ ____, and I have been a dentist in private practice in CITY, STATE, since DATE. I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr. ____ ____, who hopes to be accepted into an International Dentist Program. ____ served in my clinic from DATE to DATE, observing and assisting. It became immediately apparent that he was a quick learner knowledgeable concerning numerous essential functions of the dental clinic.

____ has noted nitrous oxide is the best way to perform conscious sedation. He also assisted with several restorative procedures (crowns and composite fillings). I could always tell how much ____ was learning by the profound questions he asked me, which were always the most intelligent and pertinent to the task. He supported me with multiple extractions and paid particular attention to how I managed the patients’ pain.

____ is excellent in his interactions with patients, doing wonders to put them at ease, and superlative in his interactions with other team members, assistants, hygienists, etc. He is particularly adept at Periocharting for the hygienists and the business side of operations and is also deeply knowledgeable about advanced materials.


On his Endodontics examination, ____ - demonstrated a precise understanding of the rationale behind percussion, palpation, and sensitivity tests. He is eager to learn and grow further. He has an advanced ability to connect what he is learning to his existing knowledge base. With new advances in Dentistry at every turn, ____ is exemplary in staying abreast of the new developments in our field.

I discussed with ____ the various treatment options available for each patient, and he clearly understood the rationale behind our decision on any proposed treatment plan. A great communicator, always quick at asking questions and seeking answers, Kalyana has also made progress at learning Spanish to maximize his contribution to the underserved in the USA, many of whom speak Spanish as a first and often only language.

____ is very patient-centric and will be an excellent practitioner of patient-centered care. He is highly respectful of everyone in the clinic. A natural leader, he is open to embracing new opportunities. It would be a pleasure to provide you with any further information concerning ____’s candidacy for a place in your IDP program.


Letter of Recommendation International Dentist


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