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Sample Letter of Recommendation to Dental School

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is ____ ____, Ph.D., and I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at ____ College. This letter aims to recommend my student, ____ ____, for dental school. I have been ____'s professor since he was admitted into the Master’s Program. I am familiar with ____’s work since he has been in several of my classes, including Metabolomics in the Fall of 2020, Molecular Diagnostic II in the Spring of 2021, BIO 6549, and, in the Summer of 2021, my Mitochondria in Medicine class, BIO 5443. ____ has earned a straight ‘A’ in all of my classes. Thus, I could not feel more confident that he has what it takes to excel in dental school.

As ____’s academic advisor at ____ College, I helped him to adapt to his new surroundings and to get through a challenging first semester. He is adaptable and always thinks on his feet, resilient, he has borne adversity well and never gives up on his dreams. His academic work constantly improves even though it is already excellent.____ is warm, kind, outgoing, and congenial; with the kind of people-person personality that one needs to be a successful dentist, working with numerous people daily. I am confident that Lauryn will succeed in the future because he knows where to look for resources and is highly dedicated to his work; this will help him make significant contributions to dentistry in the future, meeting up to the high expectations that we all have for him. ____ has shown great capacity for academic excellence and enormous potential as a researcher. I could not recommend him more highly for a space in your program. I have spoken with ____ at length about his plans to become a dentist, and I admire his determination to help the underserved. We joke that someday I want to be one of his patients treated on a sliding scale.

I especially admire ____ for his humility, which is central to his future success. His sense of humor is always timely and endearing. He follows directions and has enormous critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He also needs minimal supervision, working well on every project. Once ____ decides to do something, he gives it his all. The other thing that I especially admire and respect about him is the way he constantly encourages his peers to struggle for academic excellence as well as himself.

Especially after getting used to seeing ____ in the laboratory, working alongside his classmates, I find his sheer joy to be quite contagious and the combination of his leadership skills and humility to be most endearing. Never have I met anyone who seems to enjoy his studies more than ____. I see him as a natural leader, and I could not feel more confident that he will make significant contributions to his field if accepted to dental school, especially concerning the underserved. ____ embraces a challenge and stays with it until the task is complete. Loyal, tenacious, honest, and driven. Lauryn will be an excellent dentist.


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