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Updated: Mar 21

I am a 25-year-old Saudi woman who lives in Boston. I was born in Champaign Illinois while my parents were studying there, so I am an American citizen. I have spent half of my life in America and the other half in Jeddah, our liberal Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula, an oasis of tolerance, understanding, and learning in an Arab world that is often most restrictive, especially for women. I love Jeddah dearly, just as I do America, and I want very much to practice dentistry in both of my countries. I became a dentist first in Saudi Arabia, for a variety of reasons; now, I want very much to become a dentist in America as well. My long term goal is to become a professor of endodontics at the King Abdulaziz University School of Dentistry in Jeddah, where I went to dental school.

I am a firm believer in American ideals, especially the pursuit of happiness, one’s dreams. Unlike most girls, I was drawn to the physical sciences since childhood. By the time that I was in high school, I was especially passionate about mathematics and physics, even coming to measure my own sense of self-worth by my level of success at solving math problems. Completing high school in 2004, I toyed with the idea of becoming an architect and constructing huge buildings and amazing, beautiful houses with my name on them. I had to adjust to the fact that there were no architecture programs that admit women in the KSA. Now that I am more mature, however, at 25, I am most pleased that I chose to become a dentist. I thrive on the science of dentistry; but I also now vastly appreciate the gift of touch, healing and preserving health, the human intimacy of dentistry.

Almost one in five residents in my city, Jeddah, lives in poverty. Still, awareness of the problem has been growing and plans have been drawn up to reduce the poverty rate to only 2.2% by the year 2020. If such a transformation were to take place, even on a more modest scale, I am convinced that improved societal structures of oral health have an important role to play in this war on poverty. Being accepted into your program and completing the finest dentistry training in the world will provide me with consummate credentials as well as a toolkit of ideas and network resources, so that I will have the privilege of being on the forefront of developments in the improvement of oral care, at least in Jeddah if not in the KSA as a whole.

While I was in my fourth year of dental school, during our holy vacation (Eid), my mom woke up crying from a severe pain in her mouth due to a badly decayed tooth. All clinics were closed because of the holiday. She spent two days and two sleepless nights crying in pain until we could get her to a clinic for treatment. Those two days are etched in my mind forever. I wanted so desperately to help her, and I felt ashamed because I was a fourth-year dental student and could not do anything except comfort her with words that I now think made her cry even more. From that day forward, I have had a singularity of purpose that improved my grades and enabled me to excel at what I have set my heart on--endodontics.

While I want very much to be highly competent and certified to practice in all areas of general dentistry, it is endodontics that has a special place in my heart. This is because I live to alleviate pain and suffering. It is here that I find my greatest joy, going to the root of the pain and taking it away. I am very meticulous and I believe that this is especially important in endodontics, paying attention to minute detail. I also see being both punctual and patient to be of superlative importance. My other strong points are that I speak English fluently and I am very physically fit. I love sports, especially badminton and jogging.

Attending your program at XXXX University is my dream and I would be especially honored to be accepted to your program. This would give me an excellent chance of achieving my goal of becoming an endodontic professor in my dental college in Jeddah. I look forward to many challenging decades to come teaching Saudi Arabian dental students how to optimally manage pain, providing patients with prompt, highly professional, and virtually pain free dental treatments.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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