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Saudi Arabian Dentist Master Prosthodontics

Updated: Jan 21

I finished dental school in my country as a Saudi Arabian dentist in July 2017. Since then, I have been practicing as a general dentist at a healthcare facility operated by the Ministry of Health. I am applying to your program to earn my Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics, my chosen specialty, to become an expert in dentistry, a practicing prosthodontist, and a leader in my field, serving to advance the profession of Prosthodontics in Saudi Arabia.

I have extensive experience in dentistry, and during my internship, I focused on Prosthodontics as much as possible to prepare myself for ongoing, advanced training in this area. I served in support of Dr. XXXX, one of the most highly regarded prosthodontists in the KSA, especially concerning the eastern part of the country, where I look forward to practicing. He earned his master's degree in the USA, and I look forward to following his example so that I might acquire a similar level of vast knowledge and highly advanced practical acumen in Prosthodontics.

I look forward to a professional life helping patients achieve functional and esthetic excellence in their oral health care, providing them with the most beautiful smile possible. I find fulfillment in helping treat patients with collapsed teeth and feeling their immense joy first-hand due to rehabilitation. I enjoy exercising my leadership skills. After completing your program and returning to my country, I anticipate serving as a private or government clinic team leader.

While completing my internship, I helped with a research project, which left me hungry to again share in research. I hope to contribute to one or more ongoing studies over the next several years. I am engaged in studying diverse types of irrigation and how they affect the strength of the bonding – most of all, fiber post to dentin. I also look forward to a complete immersion in the psychological effects of Prosthodontic treatment and how a healthy and beautiful mouth contributes to our overall psychological health or sense of well-being.

My passion for dentistry was sparked early when a mobile dental clinic visited our neighborhood. On this occasion, I had my first cavity resto, red, and I was in love with what I saw and heard going on around me. The respect and human service, the great gift of oral health care, and the contribution to the community were all most exciting from the beginning.

I most enjoy helping others, especially those having difficulty eating and chewing due to losing their teeth, seeing the change in their faces and the happiness in their smiles as a fourth-year student in dental school, and already preparing removable dentures, and building strong and very warm relationships with those who have received them.

One of the attractive opportunities I had in dental school was participating in laboratory research, assisting my mentor, Dr. XXXX, with a study concerning the effects of irrigation on the bonding strength of fiber post-to-root dentin. I learned the basic skills required for conducting a literature review, gathering information, analyzing data, and learning to distinguish between well-designed and poorly designed studies. I worked independently on this project, had a share in the writing, and presented the study at the KAUFD Interns Research Presentation Day.

After graduation, I had the opportunity to train in governmental and military hospitals, with rotations in Pedodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, and especially Removable & Fixed Prosthodontics. Since the beginning of my dental studies, I have shadowed dentists on YouTube, primarily prosthodontists. I continue to do so regularly, further developing my clinical, laboratory, didactic, and research understanding of Prosthodontics. I had the chance to volunteer and work for eight months at the Dammam Medical Complex in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, supporting a Prosthodontist, Dr. XXXX, helping him attend to several patients each day. This position was especially helpful in helping me to develop my teamwork and inter-departmental communication skills.

I have completed countless volunteer hours for many oral healthcare promotion initiatives, working to build greater levels of oral health awareness in our communities. Public oral health and community work are incredibly close to my heart.

Thank you for considering my application to your Prosthodontics program.

Saudi Arabian Dentist Master Prosthodontics


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