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Taiwanese, Externship in Periodontology at XXXX University

Updated: Mar 24

I have a senior classmate, Dr. XXXX, who is currently a participant in the Post-Doctor Program in Periodontology at the University of XXXX. Both of us are Taiwanese dentists. She has shared with me her great zeal and joy at receiving what is arguably the finest learning experience available on the planet in Periodontology, the Post-Doctoral Program at UX I too have the keenest of all desires for such an experience, and it is the sheer excellency of your program that draws me like a moth to the flame. UX is my first choice for advancing my education in Periodontology.

In particular, I find myself most attracted to the close collaborative relationship that exists between Prosthodontics and Orthodontics at UX, since I thrive on the study of cases that are thoroughly interdisciplinary. In fact, I feel strongly that the more thoroughly interdisciplinary a dentist’s education, the better dentist they will become. I am mesmerized by the quantity and especially the quality of the speakers at numerous lectures offered in our field at UX, presented by some of the planet’s most renowned innovators in dentistry. Soon, I look forward to visiting UX personally so as to better familiarize myself with the program and the school in general.

My central professional goal is to become a very international Professor of Periodontology, probably back home in Taiwan – but contributing to dental missionary initiatives that strengthen the field of Periodontology Education worldwide, with special concern for the Developing World. I could not be more enthusiastic about clinical teaching at the same time that I stay active as an oral surgeon, practicing on the cutting-edge of Implantology, GBR, etc. Since I have acquired some clinical observation experience in Periodontology in both the United States and Taiwan, I have come to feel increasingly certain that was the area in which I hope to cultivate my central specialization.

I have also been drawn to and engaged with research efforts in Periodontology. I helped with a study conducted on animals at National Taiwan University (NTU), for example, exploring the relationship between inflammation, on the one hand, and periodontal regeneration on the other. My own investigation of periodontitis biomarkers was accepted by the International Association for Dental Research (IADR); I will present my poster in Vancouver, Canada this June.

I learned how to use periodontal surgery instruments as an extern at XXXX University where and became a practiced surgical assistant in the clinic. Not long after returning to Taiwan from Ohio, I rotated through each discipline as a dental intern for a full year in Chi-Mei Medical Center. Under the supervision of experienced instructors, I performed various dental procedures including direct teeth restorations, crown fabrications, denture manufacturing, root canal treatment, extraction, scaling, and root planning. In fact, I also spent much of my free time in the periodontal clinic observing and discussing surgical procedures. My efforts were rewarded by earning the Best Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Award. I have invested countless hours in literature reviews in the area of periodontitis biomarkers resulting in publication and have also taken several advanced courses in periodontal surgical hands-on over the weekends to improve my skills.

I have devoted myself to medical volunteerism since I was a freshman in college and was selected by my university as a director of an international medical volunteer group, cooperating with an NGO working in the area of oral health care and education in Nepal redoubling our efforts in the wake of the horrible earthquake that struck in 2015. Finally, it was a great honor to be invited to and participate in the international medical volunteer recording competition, sponsored by the National Dentist Association in Taiwan, winning second place.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Externship in Periodontology at the University of XXXX.

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