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Arab Applicants to Advanced Training Programs in Dentistry

Arab Applicants to Dental School Personal Statement Examples, Residency, Fellowship, Master's, Certificate

Writing and Editing, Letters of Recommendation, Free Professional, Anonymous Samples for Arabs

saudi arabian periodontist personal statement

Sample 1st Paragrph: Residency Position in Orthodontics, Kuwaiti

A Kuwaiti man born and raised in my country, I went to Egypt to study dentistry and graduated in that country (2003 to 2007), this enabled me to make lasting, important professional ties with dentists not only in Egypt, but also dentists from other parts of the Middle East. This has helped me to better understand some of the complexity of the many challenges facing us in this part of the world in terms of providing adequate dental care to our peoples. I now have 10 years of experience as a full time dentist providing a wide range of dental procedures and treatments and making a thoroughgoing exploration of general dentistry, long enough to realize in what area I want to now specialize and give my all for the balance of my career: Orthodontics.

orthodontics middle easterner residency.

International Dentist Personal Statement Sample 1st Paragraph, Woman Dentist Applicant from Jordan


A Jordanian woman and dentist who is now a permanent resident of the USA, I hope to be selected for and complete your distinguished program for International Dentists so that I can become licensed to practice dentistry here in America, in addition to the country where I completed dental school, Palestine, and the country where I was born and raised, Saudi Arabia. My special passion lies in the area of Pediatric Dentistry and I hope to build a lifetime specialization. Most particularly, I look forward to many decades to come of providing dental treatments to special needs children.

Arab dentist international personal statement
periodontics in saudi arabia
 Master's, Certificate  Writing and Editing, Letters of Recommendation
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