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Dental School Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

​It works best if you also provide me with a rough draft in addition to filling out my Online Interview Form below. Especially if you do not provide a draft, you must make a solid effort to provide me with as much detail as possible on this form!

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Letter of Recommendation Interview Form

Please tell me everything that you know about 'the author' of this LOR!

Name, Title, Office, how long has he/she been in this office

(Rank, Full, Assistant, Professor, etc)?

What is the purpose for which you are using this recommendation? Is if for a residency or fellowship position? In which area of dentistry, for which program, and-or what degree?

Please tell me the nature of your relationship with the author of the LOR, student? research assistant? etc. Provide all relevant additional details, grade received in his/her course, etc.

What do you think the author of this LOR would say about you? Please provide sufficient detail!


Please send documents, your rough draft, CV or resume, etc. to my email address:

Thanks for submitting your information! I look forward to reviewing it and responding at some point over the next 24 hours.

US$149.00 each


Letter of Recommendation Dental LOR
Letter of Recommendation Dental LOR
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