Interview Form

Some clients chose to copy these questions and answer them in a Word file. You do not need to worry about furnishing me with any kind of finished text. Neither grammar or spelling matter. Just write as much as you can off the top of your head in direct response to the question! If you send me a CV or resume (and/or your rough draft) as an email attachment to, you do not need to duplicate that information on the Interview Form. If you are seeking prompt attention to your material, you need to make the payment of US$199.00 for my services at the link above since I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments, generally within 48 hours of the time that I receive both your information and payment.

Contributing to the Oral Health of Society: How will you and your community/society benefit by your completion of the advanced training program to which you are applying?

Helping the Underserved: Outline the ways in which you plan to put the advanced training that you hope to receive to work helping underserved populations. Describe those populations, who are the 'underserved' or underprivileged that you look forward to helping, at least at some point in your career? 

Long Term Objectives in Dentistry: Tell me everything that you can think of about your research interests and professional dreams and aspirations in dentistry.

To which program are you applying and why do you think that you should be selected over other applicants? 

Educational Background: Please include degrees earned, graduation dates, and programs/courses in which you are currently enrolled!

Travel: Please list every country that you have lived in or visited and how that experience was relevant to Dentistry. How long were you there?

Born/Raised and Languages: Where were you born and raised? Please list every language that you speak/read/write and indicate your level of proficiency.

While I would enjoy talking to my clients on the telephone, I need your information in text form . Since I am always working with several different clients at the same time, if I took the information over the phone, I might tend to confuse your stories.

Note: The samples posted on this web site are anonymous and always more than two years old

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