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Iranian Dentist Personal Statement

Sample 1st Paragraph


A dentist originally from Iran, completing the doctoral program in Dentistry at the University of __ has been the most profound honor of my life. I owe much of the excellence of my performance to my profound dedication to Pediatric Dentistry, to which I had become extremely devoted by my second year at UPenn. I found every moment of performing treatments especially rewarding and strove to learn more about my chosen specialty by assisting several Pediatric Dentistry residents. By the time I graduated from ____, most of my studies were closely related to cutting-edge Pediatric Dentistry, and I attended numerous literature review sessions in my area. If I am selected for a residency program in Pediatric Dentistry at your distinguished university, this would be the next profound honor of my life. 

Iranian Dentist Example of Personal Statement
Iranian International Dentist Personal Statement
Iranian dentist personal statement examples
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