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Residency programs in Periodontology are renowned for their comprehensive and thorough approach, focusing on both clinical and scientific aspects of dentistry. Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel as specialists and continue their professional development.


Periodontics residency programs recognize the challenges dentists face in everyday practice, from basic restorations to complex rehabilitations. Thus, it includes a prominent treatment planning component that prepares students for a wide range of scenarios.


Periodontics is fundamental to dentistry, impacting oral health, confidence, and quality of life. Periodontics residency programs offer a captivating and in-depth exploration of periodontology, covering various aspects of periodontal medicine, advanced gum disease treatment, and dental implant provision.


The curriculum provides diverse learning opportunities, such as lectures, seminars, literature reviews, and presentations by internal and external experts. Topics span basic and advanced periodontology, including dental implantology. Practical workshops with one-on-one guidance allow students to develop surgical techniques. Case presentations, journal clubs, and restorative treatment planning sessions further enrich the educational experience.


Professors of Periodontology seek to foster a collaborative environment, encouraging diverse perspectives during discussions. Students benefit from this dynamic atmosphere as they build a strong theoretical foundation while gaining hands-on clinical experience.


Early clinical training is a core component, enabling students to apply knowledge directly to patient care. This valuable experience enhances clinical skills and diagnostic abilities.


The master's program spans three rigorous years, attracting clinicians in their early training stages post-undergraduate studies. Upon completion, graduates receive accreditation from the European Federation of Periodontology. Eastman has dedicated significant resources over the past 16 years to nurture aspiring leaders in clinical practice and academia through its master's in clinical Periodontology.


Residency programs in Periodontics offer a comprehensive learning journey in periodontology and dental implantology. Students acquire a solid theoretical foundation, refine clinical skills, and engage in cutting-edge research. By combining academic excellence with practical application, the program aims to cultivate future leaders who will shape the field of dentistry and positively impact patient care.

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