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Asian Applicant to Dental School

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for Dental Residency Position, International Asian Dentist from Pakistan


One of the things that I love most about my profession as a dentist from Pakistan is the way in which our field is so global, with more advanced countries making huge efforts so provide for those that are less fortunate in terms of their ability to provide adequate dental care for their people. My country, Pakistan, where I was born and raised and educated as a dentist, represents a host of special problems for those dentists and other health care workers in the international community who would like to help us. Many do come to help with the emergency health needs of victims of our massive flooding that take place periodically. The acute political instability of Pakistan, however, and the massive violence that this breeds—especially in certain areas of the country--tends to scare off all but a handful of the most brave.

The primary hope that I have for being selected to your program, with so many other qualified candidates applying, is the fact that I am uniquely qualified to serve women in desperate need of dental care in the future who are some of the most acutely underserved people in the world. I am still only 26 years old and have been in the USA now for more than a year preparing myself for your program primarily by perfecting my English. In the future, however, I feel strongly compelled to personally attend to the oral health care needs of women in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the vast majority of whom have no dental care at all; there are few dentists to begin with and they are not allowed to see male doctors or dentists for cultural and religious reasons. Unfortunately there are far fewer women dentists than male dentists, virtually non-existent. I feel their pain and I also feel strongly that I have the courage and the nerve to help them in the future, based on the professional growth and the intellectual and moral support of the wonderful people who I look forward to meeting in your program.

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