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International Dentist from India, MS Health Services

Updated: Jan 19

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International Dentist from India Personal Statement Examples

Originally from India and now in the USA to advance my career, I am a dentist who prioritizes creativity, experiential learning, professional passion, and compassion for one’s patients and their families. I am grateful for the privilege of practicing dentistry and count myself most fortunate to have become a dentist. My central goal is to provide state-of-the-art, patient-centered care, bringing my theoretical and pragmatic finesse, knowledge, and skills to bear on my service to my patients and the community. I see International Dentist Programs in the USA as having no equal in their excellence. Especially as someone who could not be more devoted to the cause of access to dental care for the underserved, being accepted to and completing your program is fundamental to maximizing my contribution to dentistry - for the balance of my professional life.

Earning my MS Degree in Health Services in January 2014 at the University of South Dakota has helped me prepare for making the most of my career in Dentistry as a service provider, the business side of operations, and I feel strongly that what I learned in this program will assist me in the future as well, as I seek to enhance my contribution to the oral health of the underserved. I finished the program with a 3.8 GPA, demonstrating my capacity to excel in an American institution of higher learning.

I had an opportunity at USD to exercise my leadership skills, and it was a pleasure to contribute to celebrating diversity on campus. I served as a representative for the entire graduate student body, sitting in on and participating in the Graduate Student Council meetings. I also served as Vice-president for Toastmasters International on our campus, helping to make a success of numerous cultural events. In recognition of my efforts, I received the President's Award for Diversity and Leadership.

As a volunteer, I immensely enjoyed serving with the Action Care Community Clinic and as an intern with Children's Dental Services. These two experiences have been incredibly formative for me since both organizations are dedicated to assisting the underserved. I have also shadowed two general dentists and an implantologist.

I was raised in a healthy and untroubled home by well-educated parents. Growing up in a stress-free and nurturing environment fostered innovative, creative thinking and enabled me to make the most of various interests. I was a track and field athlete and a straight-A student, accomplished at dancing, singing, painting, and photography. My father often shared inspirational stories about my great-grandfather, who set a terrific example by being the first doctor in our district, selflessly serving the community. This left a deep imprint on me, and I gradually developed a particular respect and admiration for healthcare workers and doctors. I chose Dentistry because of its singular, fundamental importance to overall health and because this career spoke to the artist in me and my appreciation for aesthetics.

A top performer in dental school, I also sought ways to serve the community, helping conduct various healthcare camps for the underserved. One ecstatic moment was when the head of the Prosthodontics Department placed my articulator with the complete denture in our Dental Museum, a rare honor for a student.

The University of South Dakota offered numerous opportunities to explore my leadership skills while earning my master's in health administration. I received the prestigious President’s Award for Diversity in 2015. I religiously participated in multiple leadership summits, trained next-generation leaders, conducted cultural learning programs, and participated in the Graduate Council and many other student organizations. Upon graduation, I joined Unity Point Clinics to help them establish a new program.

With Dr. ____ at ____ Dental & Orthodontics in Texas, I learned a great deal about state-of-the-art technology like UVC wall mount systems for disinfection of treatment rooms during COVID, Nomad X-ray machines, composite warmers, etc. I observed Dr. ____, a cosmetic dentist and implantologist, performing endosteal implant surgeries and bone grafting procedures. My brother is currently an Internal Medicine resident at UTRGV who often advises me on career issues and is incredibly supportive.

As the principal of a women's college, my mother campaigned in rural areas of our district for women's education and motivated over two thousand rural women to join her college. Thus, I grew up to become an advocate for women's education. My mother is no longer with us; her spirit is alive in me.

I am making rapid progress in learning Spanish with priority attention to vocabulary closely related to dentistry. I share with my mother a keen affection for ordinary people of scant resources, and Spanish will open doors of service for me to do what I love most here in America, caring for the underserved.

Thank you for considering my application to your Advanced Placement Program for International Dentists.

International Dentist from India


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