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Chinese Applicants to Advanced Training Programs in Dentistry, Personal Statement Samples, Editing Service

Chinese Applicants to Dental School, CAAPID, Personal Statement Writing and Editing Service, Letters of Recommendation, Free Professional, Anonymous Samples for the Chinese and Taiwanese

chinese dentist personal statement

Sample 1st Paragraph, Chinese Applicant, Canada


Now 27, I am a Chinese woman who has made Canada my home since we immigrated here in 2001. Already a teenager when I arrived, I was able to fully retain my language skills in Chinese; yet, I came soon enough to learn to speak English with only a minimal accent. Currently entering the home stretch in my studies towards the DDS Degree, it is a great pleasure to be in search of my first position as a dentist and I hope to begin my career by first gaining experience in the United States, preferably in your distinguished program at XXXX. As someone who relishes diversity and multiculturalism, I hope to excel in your program as an Asian woman, a Canadian, and most of all as a dentist who never loses her focus on her constant quest for increased capacity and excellence of service as an oral health professional.

Chinese Personal Statement for Dental School
chinese pediatric dental school application
chinese pediatric dentist personal statement
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