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The American Dental Education Association allows you to apply to dental school as a disadvantaged student. In addition to answering a series of questions from a pull down menu, you are also allowed to submit a special essay that builds a case for your disadvantaged status. For many students from backgrounds with limited family resources, providing this information is an extremely smart thing to do, as it might greatly reduce the expenses that you will occur in dental school.

Many dental schools appreciate the fact that some applicants have overcome obstacles on the path to their goals. You are welcome to provide any information and describe any background experiences that may have put you at an educational, social, or economic disadvantage as you prepare to apply to dental schools. Many dental schools seek to identify applicants who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you identify yourself as disadvantaged, answer the questions in this section.

Provide any additional information about your background that can help clarify your disadvantaged student status. Enter an explanation. Please limit your answer in this field to 4,500 characters. You are also asked to provide a brief description of your childhood residence. Please limit your answer to 250 characters.

It would be an honor for me to assist you with making these two essays as eloquent and effective as possible. This might well prove to be a very smart investment on your part. It would probably also be wise if you should decide to use my service for your Disadvantaged Student Essay, that you also use my service to edit and enhance your Personal Statement, so that the writing styles of the two documents are in conformity.

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I consider myself to be a disadvantaged applicant to dental school not only because I was born and raised into a poor family in Iran, but also the fact that I am a member of persecuted religious minority in my country of origin, the Baha'i. Iranians of the Baha'i faith are discriminated against and allowed very few educational opportunities in Iran, especially beyond the high school level. My grandfather was brutally murdered along with many Baha'i men, women, and children. It was not until my mother died unexpectedly that I made up my mind to leave Iran and to make my home in America as soon as I could.

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