I did well at school and many career paths were open to me. I wanted to do something very useful with my life and to ‘make a difference’ for the benefit of others. Seeing so many grimaces of pain turn into smiles of relief and gratitude during my dental training and career to date has certainly provided the satisfaction that I sought from a career and I am very glad that I chose dentistry. My long term goal is to become an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I was given the opportunity to ‘shadow’ an expert in the specialty and saw the dramatic difference that his skills, knowledge and dedication made to his patients’ lives. I am also passionately interested in providing health education and free clinics to rural populations in India and specifically to do a part in reducing the very high incidence of fatal oral cancers caused by late diagnosis.

While I enjoy talking to my clients on the telephone, I need your information in text form . Since I am always working with several different clients at the same time, if I took the information over the phone, I might tend to confuse your stories.

Email: drrobertedinger@gmail.com

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If you are thinking about using my service, however, and just want to touch base to say hello and confirm my availability to assist you, please feel free to give me a call!

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