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OMFS Multiyear Residency, MSc Craniofacial Science, Orthognathic Surgery, Saudi

Updated: Apr 14

I see scientific investigation as the foundation of progress in all fields, including my own, oral surgery. Thus, I want to master the art of doing research for the balance of my career, taking delight in every refinement and enhancement of my capacity to do it better and better. I see research as the most powerful tool for progress in all fields and thus seek to master it, especially in terms of validity and its central importance to the findings of every study.

I hope to distinguish myself in the future as a highly-skilled OMFS researcher as well as clinician. I am convinced that it is in this area where I have the most passion and capacity, and the greatest potential to make my fullest contribution to society. Thus, in order to prepare myself for giving my all to OMFS in the future, I hope to be accepted to the Master of Science Program in Craniofacial Science at the University of XXXX. Completing your program will vastly expand my intellectual grasp of my field of special, lifetime concentration, earning a cutting-edge grasp of research types, subdivisions, classifications, becoming a master at the identification of errors and weaknesses of the study in question. I excel, in particular, working independently, doing research on my own.

After earning my MSc in Craniofacial Science and completing a multi-year residency in OMFS, I hope to go on to complete a fellowship in Orthognathic Surgery. In this way, I will have the ultimate preparation for extensive research in my field, and greater ongoing opportunity to exercise my leadership skills. We have only a handful of well-trained specialists and researchers in OMFS educated in the West and I hope to contribute to responding to the great need that exists in this area in Saudi Arabia.

I hope to return to Saudi Arabia to build up and enhance our capabilities in every aspect of Research and OMFS. I want to leave my professional mark by teaching the cutting-edge advancement of our day always staying fully abreast of advancement in Research in the area of OMFS. I look forward to returning to the KSA as a highly skilled researcher and clinician, especially passionate about education and most eager to share what I have learned with several new generations of dentists to come. I look forward to continuing to cultivate my leadership abilities as a student in your program whenever the opportunity arises.

The first member of my family to become a dentist, I have long been focused on my professional passion, and I keep my goal of becoming a top-notch professional at the top of my priority list. Eager to sacrifice salary, family, and home to invest in my future in dentistry, I keenly await the rigors of your program to which I will devote myself 24/7. I see completing the MSc in Craniofacial Science Program as the cornerstone of education upon which the entire structure rests, a gateway to the world of advanced OMFS, the universe in which I sincerely hope to fully immerse myself for the balance of my professional lifetime.

I thank you for considering me for a position in your distinguished MSc Program in Craniofacial Science.

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